People as Resource

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Class 9, Understanding Economics
Solutions of Ncert (Cbse) Textbook Exercise Questions  

Q.1: What do you understand by ‘people as a resource’?  Solution: ‘People as a Resource’ is a way of referring to a country’s working capital in terms of their existing productive skills and abilities. Like various other resources people or population is a resource commonly termed as - ‘Human Resource’. There are some people who regard population as liability rather than an asset. But it is not true; people can be turned into a productive asset if we make investment on them in the form of education, training and medical care. For example, Japan did not have any natural resource. They made investments on their people especially in the fields of education and health. Ultimately, these people after efficient use of their resources made their country rich and developed.

Q.2: How is human resource different from other resources like land and physical capital?   Solution: Human resource superior to other resources like land and physical capital because human resources can make use of land and capital. Land and physical capital can not become useful of their own.   

Q.3: What is the role of education in human capital formation? Solution: Education has a vital role to play in human capital formation or in human resource development. It helps an individual to make better use of economic opportunities available before him. Education and skill are the major determinants of the earning of an individual in the market. Apart from these education has many other benefits such as, - * It helps a man to make all around development and opens the avenue of prosperity.  * It uplifts his abilities as a skilled worker and enables him to earn better.  * Education enables a man to get rid of bad habits. 

* It helps a man to acquire good habits and become an ideal citizen for his country.  * Literate parents are aware of the benefits of education of their children. They are also conscious of proper nutrition and hygiene.   Q.4: What is the role of health in human capital formation? Solution: Health does not mean survival only. This term includes something much more. It involves not only the physical fitness of the individual but also his mental, economic and social well-being. The role of health in human capital formation or in individual’s working life is quite important. Health involves the physical, mental, economic and social well-being of an individual. It not only improves the quality of life of an individual but also adds to the human resource development on which depend the various sectors of national economy. Health covers a wide range of activities including family welfare, population control, drug control, immunization and prevention of food adulteration etc. Only a healthy person can do full justice to his job. Thus it plays a vital role in individual’s working life. An unhealthy person is a liability for his family, organization and country. No organization will employ such a person who can not work efficiently because of ill-health.    

Q.5: What part does health play in individual’s working life? Solution: Refer to answer of Q.No.4 above.

Q.6: What are the various activities undertaken in the primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sectors?  Solution: Activities can be classified under the following three sectors on the basis of the nature of their products or materials used:

Primary Sector - Activities concerned with gathering or making available materials provided by nature are included in Primary Sector like agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, poultry farming, fishing, mining etc. Secondary Sector - Such activities which transform raw materials or primary products into commodities more useful to man are included under Secondary Sector. Some such activities are like manufacturing, quarrying. Tertiary Sector - This sector includes those activities which are a must for...
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