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Over the past three months, I’ve noticed several changes in the office: tardiness, downtime, increased cost due to overtime, poor work quality, and break time variances. These changes seem to be a direct result of Jessica’s medical leave. The current team support model is one secretary for every two executive members: Jack Snyder supports Ralph Alane and Jessica Hilo, while Ruth Disselkoen supports Samuel and Frank Daley. The only difference between the two teams is Jack’s team has a full time assistant, while Ruth’s team has a part-time assistant. Since Jessica’s workload has been temporarily assigned to Ralph and Frank Daley, it has created a workload imbalance. Ruth has now been taking shorter breaks and using overtime to complete her work, however, her quality of work has declined. Jack, on the other hand, has been finishing early, taking longer breaks and coming in late a few times per week. Neither of their actions is in the best interest of the team.

To mitigate the current problems, I will be making some changes to the current workflow. First, Frank should identify Jessica’s accounts and keep them separate from his normal workload. Then, he should complete Jessica’s work first; this way Jack can process the information in the afternoon. Ralph, on the other hand, should complete his normal tasks first and delve Jessica’s work afterward. Jack should complete Ralph’s assignments in the morning and receive additional work from Frank in the afternoon. If he finds himself with free time, he should see me for additional responsibilities. Ruth should complete Sam’s work in the morning and address Frank’s work in the afternoon. If her work quality and timeliness do not improve, then this may be performance issue that will have to be addressed her review. I will be monitoring Jack and Ruth’s progress at the close of the business day. However, if any issues arise before then, Frank and Samuel should notify me immediately.

If we can successfully identify...
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