Pathophysiology Review

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Pathophysiology final review.

1. PKU - happens to children (kidney disease) due to improper dietary management. Results in mental retardation. 2. Fragile Fontanele- (Hydrosefalis) Increase intracranial pressure/sutures area become separated. 3. Retinal Detachement- painless, floaters, particles, blurred vision, flashes of light. 4. Pericarditis- Inflammation of the pericardia, chest pain, high fever, wbc elevated, pericardial friction rub. 5. Thyroid Gland- Metabolism responsible of the metabolic process of cells in the entire body. 6. Silent Myochardial Infarction- Diabetes mellitus, Males ( Heart Attack). 7. Fatal Stroke- Hemorhage

8. Open-Angle Glaucoma- African-American, Hallow around light, no peripheral vision, tunnel vision, decreased color distinguishing. 9. Complications in circulation due to diabetes- Neuropathy, hypertension, poor circulation, retinal neuropathy, blindness, stroke, silent myocardial infarction, erectile disfunction (males). 10. Epiglotis- Critical condition in children, fatal blockage of the airway, swollen epiglottis is fatal, severe hypoxia, not able to breathe. 11. Respiratory Alkalosis- Blow up bag

12. Patient stage of homeostasis- (everything is normal) assessment vital signs, abq, electrolytes 13. Rheumatoid Arthritis- Auto immune disease that affects the nodules, joints, inflammatory condition. Sign and symptoms: Joints disfigured, pain, fever, fatigue, inflamed nodules, limited range of motion. 14. Hemoglobin HBA1C- 2-3 months test of glucose in red blood cells. It lasts up to 3 months. 15. COPD patient- respiratory acidosis

16. Buffer- Biocarbonate to bring to normal levels.
17. Patient with a stroke on the left side of the body- Weakness on left side, teach patient in small frequent sessions. 18. Signs and symptoms of diabetes- Pilluria(urination), Polyphasia (hungry), Polidasia (thirst-dehydration). 19. Objective data- What you observe

20. Subjective...
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