Panorama 2 Cahier D'Exercises

Topics: Musical instrument, Piano, Chamber music Pages: 4 (448 words) Published: March 3, 2013
What Kind of Music Do You Like?

Lida: - So do you two have favourite solo artist?

Mardzhina: - Sure! I like Adele. Especially the song… (sings the verse of Rolling in the deep, a she usually does).

Anne: - Nice voice! You should participate in a talent contest.

Mardzhina: -I’ve already did, not even once.

Lida: - So you’ve studied in musical school, haven’t you?

Mardzhina: - That’s true. And I still practice a lot. I can read music easily.

Anne: - Do you play a musical instrument?

Mardzhina: - Well, I can play a few guitar chords… And I have a pair of drumsticks… But not drum.

Anne: - I think your neighbours appreciate it.

Mardzhina: - They don’t know how lucky they are. And what about you, girls? Do you play any musical instruments?

Lida: - No, I just took this guitar with me to pretend I’m cool. Kidding. I’m not very good in it, but I’m studying. (Plays an extract from Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.)

Anne: - Is that R.E.M.? It’ your favourite band, isn’t it?

Lida: - Yeah, one of them. I prefer rock music, even if it’s not very heavy. And you, Anne?

Anne: - So do I. But I’m also mad about folk music, you know. Especially the Celtic one.

Mardzhina: - Would you like to learn to play the bagpipe?

Anne: - Sure. Though I’ve never tried it. I guess it may be hard to play it.

Lida: - But if you have a will, you should try. It’s kind of exotic, but rather attractive.

Anne: - Sure. Though I’ve never tried it. I guess it may be hard to play it.

Mardzhina: - Than we can have our own band! Bagpipe, vocals and guitar… How would we call it?

Lida: - How about “The Philologists”?

Anne: - Well. I suppose, we must work on our name more attentively.

Accordion — аккордеон
Album — альбом
Bagpipe — волынка
Balalaika — балалайка
Ballet — балет
Band — группа
Bass — контрабас
Basson — фагот
Baton — дирижерская палочка
Bow — смычок
Brass group — ударные
Cello — виолончель
Chamber music — камерная музыка...
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