Pak Indo Seperation

Topics: Partition of India, Pakistan, British Raj Pages: 10 (2944 words) Published: May 12, 2013

Pakistan and Islamic Studies Project Report

Pak-Indo Separation

Group Members
* EE123016 Waqas Akhter
* EE123117 Hina Ashiq
* EE123003 Samina Khan
* EE1230054 Irfana Altaf
* EE123006 Usama Rehman

Submitted To:Sir Hassaan
Main Focus:4
Map of Indian empire:4
What was the partition?5
Main Cause Of partition:-5
Chart :6
Problems during partition:6
1. Boundaries making procedures:6
2. Political Representation:7
3. Local Knowledge:7
4.Haste and indifference:8
5. Secrete Division:-8
6. Implementation:9
Violent acts during partition:9
Migrations during partition:10
Impact and aftermath12
1. Geographical problems:12
2. Refugees and inter-communal violence:12
3. Social problems:12
4. Political problems:13
5. Economic problems:13
6. Kashmir issue:13
7. The division of financial and military assets:14
8. Political problems:15
9. The canal water dispute:15

The main topic of this report is about Indo-Pak partition. Our main focus in this topic will be on the reasons of the partition and untold realities of the partition. The report will also cover the various aspects of the biggest partition ever in history of the world. Main Focus:

The main questions that arise in our mind are that what were the causes of this large scale event? Why it happened? Where &when? What were its major consequences? And the most important question is that has this event fulfilled the promises made to the people of Pakistan and India? These questions must be answered to have a better understanding of this topic.

Map of Indian empire:

The above map shows the huge mass of land which was the Indian empire before the partition took place. The map also depicts the strategic significance of the Indian empire. What was the partition?

The main reason of partition was the ever increasing conflicts, violence and street fights between the Hindus and Muslims. The tensions between the Muslims and the Hindus were increasing and both the communities were at daggers dawn with each other. This partition led to a creation of new history and it has influenced both our past and future greatly. This partition was a political agreement between the two powers of subcontinent Muslims & Hindus. This partition can be seen in two aspects that whether it was partition of India or independence of Pakistan. This political arrangement was the only solution for Muslims to get rid of the Hindu and British atrocities and to live freely in the state of their own and practice their religious and moral values. Main Cause Of partition:-

The agreement was to divide colonial India into two separate states - one with a Muslim majority (Pakistan) and the other with a Hindu majority (India) is commonly seen as the outcome of conflict between the nations' elites. This explanation, however, renders the mass violence that accompanied partition difficult to explain. Divide and rule policy was adopted by the British Rulers so that both countries could live in separate states of their own peacefully. Orientalists look at this event as one of the large scale divisions and migrations in human history.One explanation of these two independent nations coming into being is the hurried nature of the British withdrawal. This was announced soon after the victory of the Labour Party in the British general election of July 1945, amid the realisation that the British state, devastated by war, could not afford to hold on to its over-extended empire. There were no off stares to be divided and many referendums were held in princely states. There was a lot of communal conflict between the two parties represented by Hindus and Muslims. More over the was a lot of...
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