Paintball Essay

Topics: Paintball, Game, Woodsball Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Topic – Paintball
General Goal – To Inform
Specific Goal – To inform my audience about the sport/hobby of paintball. Central idea/Thesis statement – Throughout my speech I hope to inform my audience on the history of paintball as well as the styles of play, and the necessary equipment needed in order to start. Introduction

1. Even though today paintball is highly popular and an activity that many people enjoy, it hasnt been that way for long. In its origin paintball wasn’t even started as a sport. 2. Paintball has been one of my hobbies for over four years and it has always been an activity I like to make a day out of with my friends. 3. Throughout this speech I hope to give the audience an idea of how paintball got its start, the styles of play many paintballers enjoy, as well as the equipment needed to get your start in the paintball world. Body

Although paintball is very popular as a hobby/sport today it hasn’t been around long at all, in fact it wasn’t meant to be a sport at all when it was originated. Paintball got its start in the 1970s when the first paintball guns were created. However these guns were created for forestry and agriculture. Foresters used these guns to mark trees for research or simply for marking trails. Some Farmers even used guns for things like marking their cattle or property. Paintball didn’t get its start as a sport until some of the farmers or foresters decided to start shooting the guns at each other and paintball was born.

a. According to How Stuff Works a Discovery Company, Paintball really got its start in 1981 when twelve people got together and decided to play a game of adult capture the flag with the forester guns. Soon after the group had there first game they invested in buying hundreds of the tree marking guns and selling them to the public for sport. In paintball there are many different styles of play other than the original capture the flag. These other styles of play include center flag, presidents...
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