P1 - Different Types of Business Information

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P1 – explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes. Types of information used by Thorpe Park
Written Communication – this involves any type of interaction between people using the written word. It is usually a very formal method of communication and is used both internally and externally by the business. Internally between staff written communication is very common in all businesses, including Thorpe Park, some examples of internal written communication would be employee contracts, memos, reports, employee manuals, emails and many more. Also written communication would be used to get in touch with other businesses for their business-to-business relationships, which might include sponsors of the park, food chains and suppliers. Written communication is common for business to business to ensure a formal and professional method and to also provide paper work and contracts between the businesses that may need to be kept for reference or legal purposes. Written communication is also used to transfer information to customers. If Thorpe Park receives any complaints from customers through an email or a letter to deal with this complaint they would reply in the form of written communication to apologise and maybe offer the customer some form of compensation. Bookings can also be made through emails for example if a large school group were booking a trip or a business wanted to use their conference facilities. Thorpe Parks leaflets, posters and website will also all include some form of written communication to exchange clear information to its customers. Verbal Communication – this is where we communicate our message to the receiver through use of speech this is usually either face-to-face or over the phone. Thorpe Park would use verbal communication on a daily basis to communicate with its customers. For example as soon as customers arrive to the park they are greeted by a member of staff at the ticket desk. Then throughout the day staff are available to help customers and specific information points are around the park with staff there to communicate to customers face-to-face concerning any queries. Thorpe Park also offers a number of educational talks for schools when on trips for example business studies talk called ‘Thorpe Park as a Business’. There is also lots of verbal communication that takes place over the phone for example many bookings will be made over the phone, customer queries and they may also have to deal with verbal complaints over the phone. Visual Communication – this is when information is presented in a visual form. Thorpe Park would use this when selecting images for their posters, leaflets, advertisements and much more. They would need to select appropriate graphics to exemplify the text. Another consideration when using visual communication is that they need to think about the colour scheme so that information is still clear to the audience and stands out so for example Thorpe Park would use mostly blue and orange, as this is their logo colour scheme. The visual information produce by Thorpe Park should attract the customers and still provide clear information. The staff at Thorpe Park also provide visual communication by the uniform they have too wear, as soon as a customer sees that outfit they instantly know that they are a member of staff. Also the body language produced by the members of staff provides visual communication so this is an important factor that staff need to be trained on. On-screen communication - this involves information being shown on a screen which might include TV screens, computer screens, mobile phone screens etc. Thorpe Park makes use of on-screen communication to let its visitors know how long their wait will be for the ride and also TV screens whilst people queue to advertise other rides, events and food shops in the park. Thorpe park would also use their website and mobile phone apps to provide some on-screen communication. Multimedia...
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