Overcomming Cultural Challanges Tyco Case Study

Topics: Culture, Geert Hofstede, The Turnaround Pages: 10 (3060 words) Published: October 22, 2012
CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION Student : Odirile MachaDate : 15 October 2012 |
1.Tyco Employees’ Frustration turnaround3
2.Tyco’s Strategy to Overcome Cultural Change barriers5
3.Tyco’s CEO: Rebuild corporate reputation: Message package to Employees8
4.Issues emerging in communicating change externally: Tyco Case10

Tyco Employees’ Frustration turnaround

(Gerard & Teurfs 1995; Palmer et al. 2009) urges that practice dialogue is commonly used combat issue of culture in an organization or community, the practice consist of four components defined: a) First rule, the participants must suspend the attachment to their own position and judgements regarding each other. This allows participants to be more accepting to others perspective. b) Second rule, participant must identify their underlying assumptions on the matter at hand. c) Third rule, participant must listen actively to each other; remain actively present during the sessions. d) Final rule, participants must reflect in order to uncover deeper issues and create a profound level of understanding. Transformation of culture can be measured or realised, as urged by Gerard & Teurfs (1995), byatransformed participant behavior, by the morale or feeling with the organization and by the attitude of collaborations instead of individualism. The purpose of response to question seeks to establish: the similarities in between the approach taken by the Turnaround team and the practice of dialogue; and also evaluate the outcome inline with the perceived results of a transformed culture. These similaries between the Turnaround team’s approach and practice dialogue, categorized into three stages of using dialogue in problem solving , a view supported by Gerard & Teurfs (1995). Stage 1. Problem Identification

(Gerard & Teurfs 1995; Palmer et al. 2009) urges that the first stage seeks to identify problems early and assist the team in setting their priorities. a) The general assumption made is that Breen was part of the Turnaround team, and the fact that he never commented about Kozlowski’s past behaviour, is in line with the first step of practice in dialogue, where the participant suspend the attachment to their own position and judgements regarding each other. b) The turnaround team (Breen), communicated in a letter to the employees and shareholders, Tyco’s commitment to reinvent its credibility and integrity. This message was all inclusive not directed to any particular individuals, and that qualifies to the second rule about assumptions about each other’s commitment.

The problem was identified to be lack of credibility and integrity leading to frustration of employees at Tyco, which were centred on the ethical behaviour that existed during the last CEO’s tenure, which brought uncertainty to the future of the company.

Stage 2. Problem Solving

(Gerard & Teurfs, 1995; Palmer et al., 2009) urges that the second stage seeks to understand the problem, generate solutions, and make decisions. a) The approach to communication, by the turnaround team, in defining Guide to ethical conduct of employees. Instead of defining just Code of ethics rules. The team built guides with illustrative which were meant to make the code easier to read and understand, this is in line with the third rule in dialogue, where the participant should remain active during the sessions, and absorb the messages consistently. b) The message was package in local languages across different cultures and delivered through meeting (“if you want to change the hearts people about their ethical behaviour, you must bring live to this document”), instead of sending the documents to all operations around the globe, the Turnaround team choose to deliver the message in meeting (face to face), to gain active participation and also get feedback on the assumptions the team made in line with...
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