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Management 3200 Bernie Madoff DETAILED Outline
Due at the Beginning of Your Regular Week 6 Lecture on September 24 or 26 (200 points) For the Bernie Madoff DETAILED Outline, you will need to identify the five tragic truisms that best explain how or why the Bernie Madoff scandal and fraud occurred. In particular, your goals are (a) to use five (5) tragic truisms to explain how or why the scandal occurred and (b) to provide the best-available evidence to prove the five (5) tragic truisms specifically apply to and explain this case. You must use at least one tragic truism about people, one about managers and managing, one about organizations, and one about oversight and accountability. The fifth truism may be from any category of your choice. Not all of the tragic truisms apply to this scandal. Thus, you will want to use the articles posted on Blackboard to determine which truisms best explain how/why the scandal happened. In other words, use direct quotes and paraphrases from the articles to prove which five (5) tragic truisms best explain this case. Use at least 10 of the 19 articles posted on Blackboard to support your analysis. You are welcome to use additional articles as long as you cite them appropriately in text and on the Works Cited page. Deductions

Late penalty of 15 percent/30 points per calendar day. Printed copy is due at the BEGINNING of the Week 6 lecture, which is when the late-penalty clock begins. Failure to include a cover page with your name, your TA’s name, and your section (up to 6-point deduction). Failure to include one Tragic Truism from each of the four categories (up to 10-point deduction). Failure to use distinct truisms and evidence; failure to minimize repetition of information and/or overuse of articles (up to 30-point deduction). Failure to include a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page that lists all sources used (up to 15-point deduction). Failure to effectively use at least 10 sources (up to 30-point deduction). TOTAL Before Deductions

/ 200 points

TOTAL After Deductions
/ 200 points

USE THE FOLLOWING OUTLINE TEMPLATE for your DETAILED Outline Each Tragic Truism and its respective analysis is worth 40 points.

Tragic Truism about People (40 points)
Grading Criteria
Points Awarded
Copy and paste your Tragic Truism about People; cite with (Crews). “Most people in the U.S. want to do the right thing, and they want others to do the right thing. Thus, reputation and trust are important to pretty much everyone—individuals and organizations. However, individuals do have different values, attributes, and priorities that guide their decisions and behavior. Taken to an extreme, almost any personal value, attribute, or priority can “cause” an ethical breach (e.g. risk taking, love of money or status, winning, flexibility, etc.)” (Crews). Word-for-word tragic truism quote with quotation marks and correct citation.

/ 1 point
Copy and paste the applicable subpoint(s); cite with (Crews). “Don’t assume others are like you. Trust but check” (Crews).

Enter and cite direct quote 1 from an article as evidence to support your analysis. Roderick Kramer presents a “thesis that human beings are naturally predisposed to trust –it’s in our genes and our childhood learning – and by and large it’s a survival mechanism that has served our species well” (70). Selected quote must directly relate to and effectively support the selected truism.

/ 3 points
Paraphrase or summarize the most important information from the above quote in your own words; insert correct citation. It is in people’s nature to “do the right thing”.  However, external influences and selfish motivations can alter this natural instinct.  It is likely that most all with trust others.  Therefore, it is important to always verify information to ensure that what appears to be true is true Wording must accurately reflect the the most important information from the above...
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