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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Appendix H

Outline and Thesis Statement Guide

What is your thesis statement? ___Hate crimes are fueled by a lack of knowledge towards an individual’s sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability

I. Introduction
II. First main point – What does society’s definition of a hate crime A.Supporting details- The origin of hate crimes in the United States 1.Subdetails- The purveyors instrument when perpetrating hate crimes A. Who commits these acts and why 2.Subdetails- The effects on the victims and society

B.Supporting details- What are the repercussions of hate crimes 1.Subdetails- How are the perpetrators dealt with in society? 2.Subdetails- How is society affected when hate crimes are not acknowledged III.Second main point- Whom is these acts perpetrated against A.Supporting details- Race and Gender

1.Subdetails- Sexual orientation and religion
2.Subdetails- disabilities
B.Supporting details- Lack of knowledge fueling hate crimes 1.Subdetails- Education of different cultures and lifestyles 2.Subdetails- Tolerance in all cases no matter your beliefs IV.Third main point- laws that are in place to deter hate crimes A.Supporting details- Hate crimes bills and laws

1.Subdetails- civil rights and the NAACP
2.Subdetails- how laws against hate crimes has evolved over the years B.Supporting details- victim’s rights and treatment after attacks 1.Subdetails- evaluation and treatment for perpetrators

Conclusion- I will conclude my paper by summing up main points, and expressing why these crimes will not stop until society as a whole changes the way it thinks.

I chose to sequence my paragraphs in this order, because I feel that it is important to explain to my audience the definition of a hate crime vs. a violent crime. After they have read what it is I felt...
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