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Organizing Your Speech
(all info from Metcalf, 2001)

FIRST…We’ll talk about:
a) How to write good outline
b) How to structure body of your speech

SECOND…We’ll talk about what makes good Introduction…

THIRD…We’ll talk about what makes good Conclusion…

FOURTH…We’ll talk some ideas for constructing your Speaking Notes.


Writing an Outline important for several reasons:

(1) It saves time

(2) It makes sure your ideas presented in logical order

(3) It helps you decide what research you need…don’t need

(4) It motivates you finish assignment…Makes assignment seem less overwhelming…

…Because all you have to do is fill in blanks.

SO: When you have give presentation or speech:

First you have choose topic (we’ve talked about how to do that)

Second you have do research (we’ve talked about how to do that)

Third you have write Purpose Statement…

Fourth you have write Thesis Statement (We’ve talked about both those)

THEN you write Body of speech…

…& then you write Introduction & Conclusion.

*There are SEVEN principles of Good Outlining.

1. The “Body” should contain between TWO and FOUR main points in Four-Six minute speech.

Example Informative Speech:

Purpose Statement: To inform the audience about three funeral customs of Ancient Egyptians.

Thesis Statement: Egyptian funeral customs included embalming, the use of coffins, and a process called “dry burial.”

Body Outline:

I. Explanation of Egyptian embalming practices

II. Description of Egyptian Coffins

III. Explanation of “dry” burial techniques

2. After you decide about how many main points you’ll have…

…you have decide how present them.

*There are SEVEN basic sequence structures you can use order information in body of your speech.

None of these methods are “better” than each other…Which one you decide use depends on your Topic.

I’m going to go through different options & give examples of speeches that would fit each option…

…If, after hearing different type structures you still can’t decide best way organize your speech… (A) Come to office hours & ask...
(B) Email me & ask.


When you use chronological sequence…You arrange main points according to order they actually occur in real life.

Example Chronologically Ordered Informative Speech:

Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the rise and fall of the “American Muscle Car.”

Thesis Statement: American muscle cars were introduced in 1964, increased in popularity during the later sixties, reached a “high-water mark” in 1970, and began to decline in the early 1970s

Body Outline:

I. The early years: 1964-1966

II. Rising in popularity: 1967-1969

III. A year to remember: 1970

IV. Left in the dust: 1971-1972


Spatially structured speeches use (a) geography (b) location, to organize body’s main points.

Here is an Examples of Spatially Structured Informative Speeches.

Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the Best Places to surf in the Orange County Area.

Thesis Statement: From North to South, the four best surf breaks in Orange County are the Huntington Beach Pier, 56th Street in Newport Beach, Salt Creek in Dana Point, and Lower Trestles in San Clemente.

Body Outline:

I. Huntington Beach Pier

II. 56th Street

III. Salt Creek

IV. Lower Trestles


Cause & Effect speeches pretty easy to organize:
-First you list Causes…
-Then you list Effects

…OR vice versa: Effect --- Cause

(First example speech uses “Effect – Cause” format.)

Warning: Remember this is Informative, not Persuasive speech… …so be careful about what you list as “causing” your effect.

***If your topic is non-controversial…

& if there is ONE nearly...
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