Our Town Act 3 Questions

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Our Town Act 3

How does the Stage Manager, in his opening speech, again remind us that earthly life is made up of recurring cycles and of eternal change?

It reinstates to the readers the notion of repeated culture of the town, and the small changes that come within time. The stage manger talks about the scenery, and the repititive nature of it within the town. And how when a member of the town dies, they are traditionally placed on the hilltop, mourned, then left to rest.

2. In the Stage Manager’s opening monologue, he states, “And genealogists come up from Boston—get paid by city people for looking up their ancestors. They want to make sure they’re Daughters of the American Revolution and of the Mayflower…Well, I guess that don’t do any harm, either. Wherever you come near the human race, there’s layers and layers of nonsense…” (547). What does the Stage Manager seem to be saying about people’s reverence for family heritage? How does this connect to Wilder’s many themes?).

According to the Stage Manager, what happens to the dead, and how do they feel about earthly life?

The Stage Manager talks about the dead, telling us that the dead lose interest in the living and in earthly matters. He says that “everybody in their bones knows that something is eternal,” and that the dead spend their time waiting for this eternal part of their selves to emerge.

What does the dialogue between Sam Craig and Joe Stoddard reveal about what has happened in Grover’s Corners in the past nine years?

We learn that Sam Craig left Grover's Corners twelve years ago and only came back to the town for Emily's funeral. We also learn the Aunt Julia had died and so has Mr. Stimson who had hanged himself. We learn the cause of death for Emily, being childbirth.

Emily at first is still very involved in the daily affairs of the living—the earthly part of her is still not burned out. Explain how she shows this when she first enters the stage.

Emily starts...
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