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READING 1 hour
PART ONE Questions 1–7

• • • •

Look at the statements below and the job advertisements on the opposite page. Which job advertisement (A, B, C or D) does each statement 1–7 refer to? For each statement 1–7, mark one letter (A, B, C or D). You will need to use some of these letters more than once.

Example: 0 You will need to know a foreign language for this job. 0 A B C D

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Your letter of application should not be typed. You must have a science degree for this job. If you are interested in this job, send for an application form. The advertiser wants to know how much you earn in your present job. This is a managerial position. To stay in this job, you need to renew your contract annually. You could get this job without having a degree or diploma.

Before you check your answers, go to pages 8–9.






Lecturers in Tourism, Business Management or Media Studies required for the Rosas Excellence Institute. The posts are on the basis of a one-year contract renewable. Candidates need a degree or diploma in a relevant subject and five years’ teaching experience. Send CV with covering handwritten letter and details of current salary.


Automotive Engineer to take charge of busy Vehicle Maintenance Workshop.The job involves working as part of the management team, and in particular organizing and supervising work schedules and assisting with staff training. A higher qualification in mechanical engineering and previous experience of heavy goods vehicles essential. Send career details with photograph and three professional references.


Medical Representative to sell pharmaceutical products to doctors and pharmacies. You need to have a degree in a relevant subject, preferably in biology or chemistry, experience in sales/marketing, and an ability to get on with people. The job offers an excellent salary, benefits and career opportunities. Applications should include CV and mention of expected salary.


Junior Officer (Accounts) to help with overseas customer accounts. The successful applicant will be bilingual (in English and Spanish), and will have at least three years’ relevant experience. We offer a competitive salary, holiday allowance, bonus scheme and free medical insurance. For further details and an application form, phone or write to Personnel Officer Provenza SA.






EXAM INFORMATION Part One of the reading test is a matching task and consists of four short texts on a related theme (or sometimes a single text divided into four sections). The texts may include:

• • • • • •

product descriptions advertisements for goods or services job advertisements information notices warning notices short product reviews.

You are given seven statements and you have to say to which of the four texts each statement refers. A DETAILED STUDY The secret of success in this test is careful reading and attention to detail. The same information may occur in more than one text, so you have to look carefully to see which information matches the statement. For example, four business cards might have the following details: Card A Card B Card C Card D name name name name job title job title – job title office tel office tel office tel – home tel – home tel home tel mobile – – mobile email email – –

If the statement refers to the card that has a job title, mobile number and email, you can see that only Card A has all three. 1 Read the information about four shops on page 9, and then answer the questions. More than one shop may fit the description. Which shop (or shops) will you visit if: 1 2 3 4 5 you want some fresh vegetables and you want to pay by credit card? Wednesday is the only day you are free to do your shopping? you need some tinned tomatoes and just have a credit card? you like to shop early in the morning for...
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