Othello Question Answers

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Act 4, Scene 1

1. a) Othello falls down because he believes that Desdemona is cheating on him and

passes out in fear

b) Iago is very happy and proud of his work when Othello passes out

2. Iago tells Othello that if he listens to his and Cassio’s conversation he will get

Cassio to admit that he is having an affair with Desdemona

3. a) Iago jokes with Cassio about Bianca so that it seems like Cassio is laughing

about the affair he is having with Desdemona.

b) It is revealed that there relationship is just Bianca trying to get with Cassio

4. Bianca is angry with Cassio because he asked her to figure out who’s

handkerchief it is even though they are not married and he never wants to be with


5. Othello wants both Cassio and Desdemona brutally murdered

6. a) Iago suggests that Othello should strangle Desdemona instead of stabbing her

b) Because Othello believes that in murdering Casio and Desdemona he is

bringing justice to the world

7. Lodivico is a signor from Venice that has come to tell Othello to report back to

Venice and for Cassio to become the general of Cyprus

8. He tells Lodivico that Othello has changed for the worse and has gone a little


Act 4 Scene 2

1. Othello asks Emilia if Desdemona is cheating with anyone. When Emilia says she

is not, Othello believes that she is lying

2. The quote “steeped in poverty to the very lips” shows that Othello feels weakened

by how he is a Moor and cannot talk fluently as other men.

3. Othello calls Desdemona a foul toad. His language is much more harsh and vulgar

contrary to the smooth talking Othello of Act 1

4. Desdemona acts more strongly when accused of infidelity because she was

persuaded by Emilia

5. a) Emilia believes Othello is being abused by some villainous Knave

b) It is dramatic...
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