Othello Act3 Scene 3 Notes

Topics: Iago, Othello, Mind Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Act 3 Scene 3:
- Before this scene: Othello caught Cassio fighting with civilians and his position was stripped off. Iago want Othello to give him that position - Whereas this scene represents the turning point because Othello starts to trust Iago more than his wife - In what ways does Iago use to convince Othello that there’s something to doubt in his wife? How does he manipulate?

Methods Iago used:
- Half finished sentences (Implicates he starts an idea, and he leaves the idea hanging) - Doesn’t ever accuse directly
- He makes subtle suggestions (not directly implying something) Such as the handkerchief Desdemona gave to Cassio, he makes subtle suggestion that enrages Othello as the HC is a strong symbol of love between Othello and Desdemona. Allows Iago to manipulate even further - Using generalization (all women in Venice at some point of time will cheat on their husband, such that Desdemona is from Venice) - Uses Othello’s jealousy

-Manage ropes of the puppet play, he controls Othello like a puppet -He controls Othello, bringing Othello to his side to benefit his own cause -Othello is falling into Iago’s trap

Othello can still be seen calm despite the problems and reflects his character of calm and control, a high general. This can be seen iambic pentameter. He speaks in a calm, even, natural way (literal technique) Othello at this point of time, he’s gullible because he easily convinced despite Iago has no evidence. Played by jealousy. Foreshadows his downfall later

From this scene, we can see that Iago true nature, cunning. He has the mind and ability to set up a puppy play in front of his superior (Manipulative, Cunning, Smart) Different to the person who perceives him, this is IRONIC to what other people call him or see him (honest Iago)

- Desdemona helps Cassio (significance): This shows that Desdemona is still very innocent and has quite a kind personality - she is oblivious to the politics Iago is playing -...
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