Osac Schoolarships

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OSAC scholarships

1) My career aspirations consist of becoming a high school counselor, because I like to help teenagers. I think juveniles are the one’s that need support the most. My Educational plan to meet these goals are going to Lane Community College for two years and then transferring to a State College like University of Oregon, and get my bachelors degree for psychology. After that I will begin to put in process my career.

2) I have helped my family by helping out as much as i can in everything I have also helped in my community by making it a better place to live by small things like not throwing trash in the streets, recycling and walking instead of driving. Contamination is a big issue in our planet these days. I like to volunteer to places and be a leader for young children.

3) A personal achievement was to be a better person and working on things I didn’t do on a normally basis routine; by helping out out the ones who need it, taking care of my money, doing my homework and turn it in on time, keeping my bedroom clean and organized, and doing chores. All those personal achievements I’ve accomplished first by making them goals and then habits.

4) A significant change in my life was moving away from my parents and my brother a couple months ago. I responded to this in a very mature way to give it my all and put effort on the sacrifice my family and I are making. I learned about myself that I can be responsible, organized and self motivated. I live with some close family friends and it’s not the same so that’s a really big challenge for me. Now I will appreciate the things my mom and dad tell me. I’ve learned a lot from being a lone.
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