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Whether America is Falling Apart

Anthony Burgess the author of “Is America Falling Apart” has interesting points regarding his view of America and the way American’s live. As I continue with this paper a few points Burgess makes I would further discuss. Burgess made several points throughout this essay however, the few points that stood out that I would like to discuss further is his comment about automobile, Declaration of Independence “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” and education.

Burgess stated that he never fully embraced his American experience because he did not possess an automobile. He seemed to believe that owning an automobile was the nastier side of American’s due to the pollution and its affects. Unfortunately in today’s time Burgess would really be surprised of how his statement from 1970 still rings true today. Not only has the automobile industry increased it has also seemed to become an American way of life. Almost every American has an automobile which only further pollutes the air. Burgess mentioned that huge automobile corporations seem to dominate smaller automobile corporations. Based on current economic downfall and the bail out of many automobile corporations Burgess seemed to have some insight into what was yet to come. Even though America is currently in an economic hardship and has been for the past several years America is still thriving. Even after the fall of the twin towers and how chaotic things were America is still standing strong.

Burgess talks about The Declaration of Independence “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” telling the world that there’s something better than Communism. This is a very interesting statement because The Declaration of Independence “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is what America is built on. Since America was founded it’s a place where people come to be free and have an opportunity at life. However with that said its unfortunate that not all American’s believe...
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