Orphanage Management

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  • Published: November 28, 2012
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1. Daar-Ul-Tanzeem, Children Home
2. Anjuman Taleem-Ul-Quran
3. Daar-Ul-Shafqat, Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam

Location: (Gawaal Mandi & Raaj Garh)

Group Members
1. Raza Ur Rehman
2. Hira Mumtaz
3. Adnan Ashraf
4. Arooj Shahid
5. Naveed Khan

University of Central Punjab

Table of Contents

Sr. No.| Topic| Page No.|
1.| Introduction to Volunteers| 3|
2.| Activity detail (Individually elaborated by each volunteer)| 4| 3.| Finding (Individually elaborated by each volunteer)| 5| 4.| Inference (in group)| 6|
5.| Solutions| 7|
6.| Recommendations| 8|
7.| Working Pictures| 9|

1) Introduction to Volunteers

Name: Raza Ur Rehman
Contact # 0300-8818813
Email: razaurrehman@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Playing chess & cricket.
Aim of life: To become a leading exporter of Pakistan.

Name: Hira Mumtaz
Contact # 0322-5454997
Email: mumtazhira@ymail.com
Hobbies: Fine arts, Candle making & Singing.
Aim of life: I befit myself as an entrepreneur. I want to run my own business of handicrafts. I also have a plan to build a welfare house for senior citizens.

Name: Adnan Ashraf
Contact # 0313-4545169
Email: adnanbajwa_97@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Reading newspaper and watching talk shows.
Aim of life: I want to explore the transport sector of Pakistan.

Name: Arooj Shahid
Contact # 0321-8855324
Email: arooj.shahid@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Browsing, Chatting, Music, Social networking, Art work. Aim of life: To lead a management team.

Name: Naveed Khan
Contact # 0333-4818331
Email: naveedpathan31@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Cricket, Volley ball, Internet surfing.
Aim of life: To become a renowned politician.

2) Activity Details

Raza Ur Rehman: I visited the...
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