Orphanage Management

Topics: Quality of life, Standard of living, Orphan Pages: 6 (1402 words) Published: November 28, 2012
1. Daar-Ul-Tanzeem, Children Home
2. Anjuman Taleem-Ul-Quran
3. Daar-Ul-Shafqat, Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam

Location: (Gawaal Mandi & Raaj Garh)

Group Members
1. Raza Ur Rehman
2. Hira Mumtaz
3. Adnan Ashraf
4. Arooj Shahid
5. Naveed Khan

University of Central Punjab

Table of Contents

Sr. No.| Topic| Page No.|
1.| Introduction to Volunteers| 3|
2.| Activity detail (Individually elaborated by each volunteer)| 4| 3.| Finding (Individually elaborated by each volunteer)| 5| 4.| Inference (in group)| 6|
5.| Solutions| 7|
6.| Recommendations| 8|
7.| Working Pictures| 9|

1) Introduction to Volunteers

Name: Raza Ur Rehman
Contact # 0300-8818813
Email: razaurrehman@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Playing chess & cricket.
Aim of life: To become a leading exporter of Pakistan.

Name: Hira Mumtaz
Contact # 0322-5454997
Email: mumtazhira@ymail.com
Hobbies: Fine arts, Candle making & Singing.
Aim of life: I befit myself as an entrepreneur. I want to run my own business of handicrafts. I also have a plan to build a welfare house for senior citizens.

Name: Adnan Ashraf
Contact # 0313-4545169
Email: adnanbajwa_97@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Reading newspaper and watching talk shows.
Aim of life: I want to explore the transport sector of Pakistan.

Name: Arooj Shahid
Contact # 0321-8855324
Email: arooj.shahid@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Browsing, Chatting, Music, Social networking, Art work. Aim of life: To lead a management team.

Name: Naveed Khan
Contact # 0333-4818331
Email: naveedpathan31@hotmail.com
Hobbies: Cricket, Volley ball, Internet surfing.
Aim of life: To become a renowned politician.

2) Activity Details

Raza Ur Rehman: I visited the orphanages of Raaj Garh near Chouburji and Gawaal Mandi. I went there along with my group members to create awareness among children and the staff members of the orphanages regarding the rights of children. Then, I collected the complaints of children and assure them full support by Children Complaint Office. Hira Mumtaz: I spent some time with children of some orphanages to enhance their understanding about their rights and show them our support to excel in their lives. I asked them to write about the deficiencies or hurdles they are facing. Adnan Ashraf: I talked to the orphans of Raaj Garh and Gawaal Mandi about their problems which they are facing in their lives and made them aware about their rights as citizens of Pakistan. Arooj Shahid: I entered the orphanages and talked to the officials and the children about the deserving rights of children. I tried to develop a sense of confidence among the orphans and made them realize their importance for a bright future of Pakistan. Naveed Khan: I studied the environment of orphanages of Gawaal Mandi and Raaj Garh. We talked to the children about their routine work and motivated them to work hard.

3) Findings

Raza Ur Rehman: Words of all the orphans made us feel that the children are satisfied with the facilities and the care provided by the orphanage administration. They seem happy living there and had no issues regarding the quality of food, education, clothes, etc. Sometimes, I had a feeling that they are reluctant to talk to me but soon after spending some time with them, my mind got cleared and came to know that they were hesitating because very few outsiders visit them. This generated some kind of awkward feeling for them for a short period of time. After spending some time with orphans, I found out that these children are not willing to live with their families. They want to stay in the orphanage homes and consider them as their real home. But their living standard is not still up to the mark. Children have so...
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