Organizational Culture Examples

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Where ever you have worked at there are certain that you would at the work place that you normally wouldn’t use at home. For example at SeaWorld, when talking to another co-worker, organization culture language would be “Meet me at F.O.P.” To the average person who visits SeaWorld, this means nothing to them since they don’t know the language used at the workplace. F.O.P means “Front of park.” Now, knowing the definition, it makes sense. This is an example talking about in the book of what is organization culture language. In the movie Apollo 13, working in NASA, they used all sorts of language to communicate with each other. Since I don’t know work in NASA, I was only able to capture a few of their terminology. When there was an issue and needed to be reported to NASA, Jim said, “Houston we have a problem.” This is obviously stating there is a problem. Recognitions was a reward for the team of 3 astronauts. Beforehand, the thought of going to the moon was unrealistic. Now these groups of three men were given the privilege to make this into a reality. With this in mind, going to the moon was a daring and courageous act because of the risk involve. The tension double because the risk ere unknown, meaning anything could go wrong. As a matter of fact, the three astronauts face the cold fact that they have the potential of never returning home. The world stops as the people from earth speculate what is going to happen. When the three men finally overcome this hared trial, they come begin to prepare to come home. The movie doesn’t tell the astronauts got a plaque. However, because of their bravery and suffering, their love ones and friends received them with applause and cheering. Now that they are home and they have experience the though circumstances, they can look at their accomplishment as “Hero’s stories.” The entire team can look back what was the problem, when it happened, where is happened, why the problem happened and how the team brought a solution to...
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