Organizational Communication

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Organizational Strategies Case Study
Industry International
Industry International is a highly successful manufacturing company an estimated two-thousand five hundred employees. Those employees operate all of the many manufacturing plants Industry international owns. Employee output is said to be quite high within the company due to the end year bonuses afforded to workers. This method can provide great results providing the industry is thriving. It can also result in negative behavior and company disloyalty during bad economic times such as a recession. The following is a breakdown of how Industry International’s technique has panned out. (Conrad & Poole, 2005).

Strategic Organizational Communication
Conrad and Poole defines, “organizational communication” as a strategy. The strategy is two-fold. 1.Industry International makes decisions on how the company will be designed and function. These decisions will have an effect on employee functionality. 2.The employees will in turn make managerial choices directly influenced by Industry International original ideas and decisions. The workers may use Industry International decisions as a template to set their own guidelines. Based on the Conrad and Poole textbook “Organizational Communication” is a symbiotic accumulation of company and employee choices.

Centralized Structure
Base on the text Industry International operates under a “centralized” type of structure. This conclusion is derived based upon the way the company makes decisions. When companies, such as Industry International make decisions at a higher management levels with “broader” views on what the company needs, it is considered centralized (Business Dictionary, 2013). Typically a business will then relay upper management decisions to under management employees. The employees are then expected to execute out the company’s wishes.

In the case in Industry International the bonus system was designed by upper management. The Employees Are...
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