Organizational Commitment

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Organizational Commitment and job satisfaction along with providing an example. Reference:
Patrick, H., & Sonia, J. (2012). Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment. IUP Journal Of
Organizational Behavior, 11(1), 23-36.
Yip, P., Martin, A., & Goldman, A. (n.d) Job Satisfaction Retrieved from
An essential portion of any management process is to ensure the employees have job satisfaction and organizational commitment to create a successful organization. Through job satisfaction, an organization can create organizational commitment. There are many methods an organization can use to create job satisfaction. Choosing what methods work best for the organization and its employees will assist the organization in in creating job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Job satisfaction is how the individual employees’ reactions are to the job experience within the organization. The definition of job satisfaction suggests that we are basing our job satisfaction levels off of employees’ feelings, beliefs, and behaviors (Patrick, & Sonia, 2012). The factors that affect job satisfaction may be how much the employee is paid to do the job that is required, the benefits that are offered, the chances for a promotion that are offered, the safety levels, and work conditions (Yip, Martin, & Goldman). By XYZ organization ensuring salary satisfaction along with benefits, and a good work environment, the organization can create organizational commitment within its employees. When employees are satisfied within their jobs, the employees are productive and this will create organizational commitment. An organization that has to consistently replace employees has it take a toll on job satisfaction and organizational success due to the inability to keep experienced employees, the costs of replacing the employees, creating heavier workloads for the employees while searching for replacement employees,...
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