Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Cognition, Management, Decision making Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Identified two clusters of leader behaviour
1. People-Oriented Leader
* A job done through people
* Share the information or the details of project with staffs and employees * Staffs and employees are given opportunities to voice their opinion and idea * Recognizing and accommodating the needs of their employees * Include the staffs and employees in decision making

* Team building activities such as teamwork, collaboration, group decision making, trust and cohesion are getting started from people-oriented leader Advantage| Disadvantage|
* Job satisfaction| * Less guidance|
* Voices are heard| * Lower job performance|
* Improves creative thinking| |

Madam Aida is wanted to make decision about class replacement on Friday. So, Madam Aida asks the student’s opinion or ideas to make the decision. The students have their rights to voice out their opinion to Madam Aida. Since Madam Aida people-oriented leader, Madam Aida will consider the opinion or the idea that student tell.

2. Task-Oriented Leader
* Main focus on simply getting work done
* Have a self-confident
* Make decision to organizing and assigning work as an individual * No involvement of staffs and employees in decision making * Ultimate power and authority in the hand of leader
* Monitor the performance
* Being in leader control - leader have rules and conditions to control the situation Advantage| Disadvantage|
* High standards| * Less creativity|
* High production| * Less motivation|

Madam Aida is making decision to assigning the topic of the assignment as an individual. In this situation, the students have no chance to ask Madam Aida to give this or that topic to you. Because Madam Aida have an ultimate power and authority to control the work of the student. Finally, the decision that Madam Aida did is will affect...
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