Organizational Behavior Summary Paper

Topics: Group development, Organization, Psychology Pages: 5 (2126 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Yolanda Reditt-Johnson
Organizational Behavior
Tiffin University
Instructor: Jason McCallen
August 16, 2012

Organizational behavior is the study of how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. What it does is interprets the different types of relationships in terms of the people, organization, group, and the social system as a whole. The purpose of organizational behavior is to make sure that human, organizational, and social objectives are achieved to build better relationships within the organization. It compasses many different topics, such as human behavior, leadership, change, and teams just to name a few. In this paper I will be discussing some of the things that were learnt in the class and some that I gained knowledge on from other classes that I have had in the past and elsewhere. Organizational Behavior can be impacted by many things. For instance a variety of individuals coming together can bring different types to talents to organizational behavior. All of these talents brought together give a group the ability to accomplish many things. However, in order to accomplish their goals the group has to understand each other as well as be willing to listen to different points of view. Communication in this process can either negatively impact the group or positively impact the group. It depends on how good the communication is. These two topics, group and team development and communication, hold the most interest to me because they go hand in hand. Communication probably is more important out of the two because without good communication within a group, the development and performance of the team cannot be met. The group should have one common goal and be able to communicate successfully in order to meet that goal. It's amazing to me how such a small error in communication can cause such a huge error in the end. Most of us have played that game "telephone" when we were little. This is where a group of people get in a circle and one person starts by whispering a sentence in the next person's ear. That person then relay's the message to the next person then so on and so on. By the time they get to the last person, the sentence has changed into something totally different the when it was started. For a company to be successful, the communication flow has to stay consistent from top to bottom and back up again. This way everyone knows what's going on and what part they play in the process. Group development and performance also plays a crucial part in the success of a company. Without successful development of the group, the company is going to be stagnant and unproductive. Several individuals make up a group and each of those individuals has their own personality and characteristics which can either benefit the group or hold it back depending on how the group comes together. Each individual has to get to know each other, know the different personalities, then work together to find out who's strengths and talents would best be used for different tasks. Once those talents are put to use, the group can start to come together and work towards their goal. Sometimes this can be difficult because you may have more than one person who believes they know what's best and you get into controlling issues, but if a group can get past this, then they're sure to be successful in reaching their goal. The reason these two terms of organizational behavior are so important and interesting to me is because I also believe they hold the most relevance to my work organization. The reason is I'm in the military and anyone who has ever been in the military knows that teamwork and group productivity are crucial. The major impact of basic training is how to get along with the other individuals in your flight and become a team; help each other out so that everyone makes it through. The same goes for when you're in the field. If each individual doesn't contribute and work together then it could boil down to life and death...
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