Organizational Behavior- Management

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CH. 1. Organizational Behavior
* Recognize the link between the science and practice of organizational behavior * Contrast human and social capital and explain why we need to build both * Describe 5 sources of OB Research insights

* Recognize the goals and aspects of effective people management * Identify the possible indicators of effective people management and the various stakeholders * Note who is responsible for managing people

What is Organizational Behavior?
* “Interdisciplinary field dedicated to better understanding and managing people at work” (Kreitner and Kinicki) * Three levels of OB = individual, group, and organization Contrast Human and Social Capital

* Human Capital: the productive “potential” of an individuals knowledge and actions * Ex. Entergy pays university professors to conduct an MBA program for employees * Social Capital: the productive potential resulting from strong relationships, goodwill, trust, and cooperative effect * Ex. Cisco sponsors “nerd lunches”

* Knowledge based economic economy shows that people are a strategic advantage of organization so social capital and human capital have emerged* The 5 Sources of OB Research Insights
1. Field Study- examining variables in real life settings * Example- U.S. Postal Service’s “Pre-Employment Drug Test Study” * Longitudinal study of relationship between illicit drug use and various criteria such as absenteeism and involuntary turnover * The changing nature or meaning of measures as indicators of constructs in organizational behavior 2. Laboratory Study- manipulation and measurement of variables in contrived situations 3. Sample Survey- questionnaire responses from a sample of people * Example- MetLife study of stress-strain relationships, surveyed 497 (of 1093) managers and professionals * Stress: measures of impact of job and life events

* Strain: somatic complaints, symptoms of depression
* Negative affect at work- feeling upset or unpleasantly aroused * Results were largely consistent with prediction that relationships between self-reports of stress and strain are inflated considerably by negative affect 4. Case Study- an in-depth analysis of a single individual, group or organization 5. Meta-Analysis- pools the results of many studies through statistical procedures * Example- Tulane’s Safety Training Study

* Addressing the question “how effective is “more engaging” training such as “hands-on” training relative to other “less engaging” forms of training such as lecture or distance education programs?” * A large-scale statistical integration of all safety and health training studies conducted from 1971-2003 * Distance training = more cost effective

* **** LEAST likely to be generalizable = case study (because it is limited to one particular context) * Most is a meta analysis because there are many contexts * Sample Survey- generalizable to the extent that represents the population you want to generalize * Goals and aspects of effective people management

* Methods of Safety Training and Theory of Learning
* Least engaging training= lecture, films and videos * Most engaging training= behavior modeling and hands on training * Knowledge acquisition
* Safety performance
* The reduction of accidents, illnesses, and injuries * Strategic Assumption: people, individually and collectively are key to org success (Attract, retain/Develop, and motivate) * Contingency Approach: using management tools and techniques in a situational appropriate manner; avoiding the one-best way mentality

Ch. 2 Managing Diversity
* Define diversity management and discuss the current issue of the “glass ceiling” * Discuss video case “may the best man win”
* Describe what harassment is and how organization can attempt to prevent sexual...
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