Organisational Behaviour

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1.Meaning of Organisational culture?
The individual personality and its impact on behaviour. Just as individual have personalities. So too do organizations. The organizational personalities are called organizational culture.

2.Define organizational culture?
Turnstall defines organizational culture as, “A general constellation of beliefs, morals, value systems, behaviour norms, and ways of doing business that are unique to each corporation.

3.Listout the characteristics of organizational culture ?
Observed Behavioural regularities
Dominant values
Organisational climate

4.Discuss the various types of culture ?
Dominant culture and subcultures :
A dominant culture is marked by a set of core values that are shared by a majority of the organizational members .A subculture expresses a set of values that are shared by the members of a division of department. Story and weak culture : Based on intensity of sharedness, organizational cultures are of two types strong & weak.

5.Outline the functions performed by culture ?
Culture provides shared patterns of congritive perceptions or understanding about the values or beliefs held by the organization. Culture facilities the generation of commitment to something lager than one’s individual self-interest.

6.Discuss theory “Z” culture ?
The remarkable economic success of Japanese firms influenced by the US organizations to imitate some selected Japanese practices, The major American organizations such as IBM, Kodak&Proclels & Ganeble attempted to adopt the Japanese management styles in organization.

7.Define the term organizational climate ?
According to theory “Organisational climate consists of a set of characteristic properties that described the organization and that: a) Distinguishes one organization from other organizational b)Relatively enduring over time c) Infuluence the behaviour of people working in it.

8.What are the concept of organizational climate?
Climate in its natural sense, is meant as the average conditions of weather prevalent in a place or region over a period of time as exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, and precipitation.

9.Why Organisation climate ?
a) Organizational climate serves as facilitator to organizational performance b)Organisational variable enable people to evaluate self and others to improve their behaviour. c)Varibales included in organizational climate serve, as stimulate to employees activity.

10.What are the six factors that influence organizational climate? a)Organisational structure b)Individual autonomy c) Rewards d) Risk taking e)Warmth and Support f) Tolerance and control

11.Dimension of organizational climate ?
a) Individual autonomy b) Position structure c) Reward system d)Support system e)Proguess and development f) Conflict g) Control h)Risk taking

12.Discuss the Major determinates of organizational climate ? a)Economic health b) Organisational policies and procedures c) Organisational size d)Organisational structure e) Leadership styles f) Managerial values and others

13.Definition of the job satisfaction ?
According to Feldman and Arnold, “Job satisfaction will be defined as the amount of overall positive affect that individual have towards their jobs.

14Determinate of job satisfaction ?
1)Organisational determinants:
a) Pay b) Work itself c) Quality of supervision d) Working condition 2)Individual determinants :
a)Age b) Gender c) Status and seriously d) Marital status
15)What are the three important dimensions of job satisfaction ? a) Job satisfaction being an emotional response to job b) Job satisfaction is often determined by how satisfactorily outcomes meet or exceed one’s expectations’)Job satisfaction represents an employee’s attitude towards five dimension of job pay the...
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