Organisation Structure Training

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Organization Structure Training


By :
Mayank Agarwal
MBA B 1220125


On completing this project it is my pleasure to thank and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following people who made the completion of this project possible: My mentor Mr.Sudhindra.S for his vital encouragement and support. Mr. Magan Agarwal (AVP.), Binani Cement Pvt Ltd., for his invaluable contribution and support and all the employees who helped me in this project. At last but not the least I would like to thank Christ University Institute of Management, Bangalore for giving me the opportunity to learn and explore various fields.



I underwent an organizational study training (OST) at Binani Cement Pvt. Ltd. to acquaint myself with the business environment for a month of 1 month , as a part of MBA curriculum at Christ University. The study was conducted to understand the structure, function and process of various departments and their interdependencies. During the course of the study I was able to successfully interact with the employees of the organization.


* History
* Product Profile
* Mission/ Objectives / Strategies
* Organization Structure
* Policies & Procedures
* Functions of various departments
* SWOT Analysis
* Key result areas & Activities
* Organisational design factor & approach
* Significant Factors for Success
* Product Promotional Measures
* Training Measures
* System followed for purchase of Raw Material
* HRD measures
* Recommendations


Binani Industries Limited (BIL) is all set for growth. From the time of its inception, BIL has been an ambitious organisation and this attribute has helped it grow at a fast pace. The BrajBinani Group traces its beginning to 1872, when Seth PragdasBinani, a trader in metal utensils, began an enterprise with his son Seth Mathuradas to engage in the import and export of metals. The enterprise continued to grow from strength to strength. The year 1941 marked an important phase in the evolution when Seth Mathuradas' son Seth Govardhandas made a bold, but significant, move from trading to manufacturing.Binani Metal Works got rolling with a plant at Howrah. Taking on the mantle from his father, it was during the reign of son GhanshyamBinani, that Binani Zinc was born. Leading from the front, the Company shifted its focus towards R&D thus modernising and expanding its capacity. But it was with the advent of Mr.BrajBinani and his dynamic leadership that the Company truly began to prosper and exploring uncharted horizons.Following the restructuring of the BrajBinani Group, from 1996-2004,Binani Industries Limited (BIL) was founded to serve as the holding Company for Binani Cement Limited, Binani Zinc Limited, Goa Glass Fibre Limited & BT Composites Limited. Today, the BrajBinani Group is a multidimensional business conglomerate, with an asset value of Rs. 1968 crores, a turnover of Rs. 2302 crores and a 1750-strong work force. And with a clear focus to adapt and execute the best, the BrajBinani Group has not only attained major internationally accepted certifications for its various ventures, but also has extended its reach well beyond Indian borders - to UAE, China and is in the process of expanding into Africa and other countries.BIL owes most of its success to its simple yet potent philosophy - honesty, transparency, efficiency and its unflinching commitment to the customers, coupled with an inherent determination to succeed. It is this vision that has dissolved all boundaries and has set BIL on the never-ending path of growth and evolution.| | |

Profiles of the product
BIL's epic story has been a unique compilation of the success stories of its four subsidiary companies- Binani Cement Limited, Binani Zinc Limited, Goa Glass Fibre Limited and BT...
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