Organ Donation

Topics: Organ transplant, Islam, Donation Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: April 1, 2013
There are several advantages of organ donation. First of all, the most importantly about organ donation’s benefit is that donating our organs can save many lives out there. In fact, every one organ that being donated can save 8 lives. The fact shows how big the impact or influent of donation to other people lives. Other than that, by donating our organs, actually donor gives those who receive the organs an opportunity to live. They given the second chance for life and improved quality of life. In example, for those who suffered organs problems which needed daily or costly treatment by organ donation they can have an improved life so that they will not suffered this problems again. Most of people only think that organ donation only give benefits to recipients. However, they did not know that many people actually get the same benefit as recipients. In this context, the family of the donor will be honored with the benefit. Sometimes by donating the deceased organs, it help by comfort grieving family as they will know that with their loss, actually they help other people by giving a permission to reuse the deceased family member’s organs. Thus, it is related with the next advantages of organ donation. For those who donate their organs or their deceased family member’s organs, they will feel a very positive moral as their action already help those who needed these kinds of organ. Every time people talk about organ donation, it is surely will related with money. This is because, some people willing to pay a high price so that they can buy other people organs. Thus, by donating our organs, we could prevent the black market organs selling and an authorized operation which is very dangerous for both donor and recipient. Other than that, donating organs can help those who are poor and cannot afford to take proper medication because of money limitation. So by donating, actually we could help many people included people who we love because there is no limitation in helping...
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