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Topics: Personal computer, Apple Inc., Linux Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Option Proposal for Upgrades to Main Server June 2012 This proposal looks at upgrading the current office server. Back ground: As the business continues to grow, the existing server capacity is reaching it’s maximum resulting in slow server speeds, drop outs and an increased security risk.

Apple software vs pc software (list) Option choices: Option 1 Apple software: Mac Mini plus time Machine $1800

Option 2 PC software: Intel 15 16GB Ram 500GB HDD DVD Win 7 Pro 64 bit plus QNAP -$1868 Implications: Option 1-Apple Software: Will authenticate log-ins, and hold the file shares. The Twin hard rives mirror each other in case one fails. It is not at risk of virus attacks at it is a linux system hard coded in the box. It will not run MYOB, it is for storage only. MYOB for Mac will need to be purchased and installed on each individual workstation. Will run only Mac workstations, which will be extra cost. 7 workstations x $1200 Option 2-PC Software: A shared computer set up that users will use via remote desktop. Large enough to run MYOB and other programs. Only need one copy of office programs. Will run all printers. One workstation holds the server as well, so frees up one computer. Backups will be stored via the server and in the cloud. Addon workstations can be either Mac or PC based. Logistical considerations Installation time for both servers would be about the same, 3 hours, and would have to be done after hours. This will require a staff member to be present. Additional set up time will be required for Option 1 in setting up the new Mac workstations. Training on the Mac’s will require about 2 hours per staff depending on staff proficiency. Training on the new PC set up will be negligible, just a change of log-in protocols. Terms Quotes are good for 14 days Option statement In looking at our current needs and future growth, not only is our current server outmoded and not up to the task, switching to a Mac environment is worth looking at

for it’s ease of...
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