Oppositional Inference and Equivalence

Topics: Proposition, Truth value, Statement Pages: 4 (815 words) Published: May 18, 2012
I. By applying the laws of opposition and equivalence, identify: a.the truth-values of the given sets of propositions (true, false or doubtful); b.identify the relationship between the given sets of propositions (contradictory, contrary, subaltern, subcontrary, obverse, converse, partial cotrapositive or full contrapositive ). 1. It is false that all honest persons are God-fearing. Therefore to say that some God- fearing persons are honest is (a)___________ . (b) ____________ 2. Many social issues are political in nature is true. Thus, it is (a) ____________ to conclude that some social issues are not political in nature.(b) ____________ 3. It is (a) ____________ to say that all medical professionals are not committed to their professions on the basis of the falsity of the statement that some medical professionals are not committed to their profession.(b) _______________ 4.All agricultural lands in the country are productive is false. Therefore, to claim that no agricultural land in the country is unproductive is (a) ____________(b)_______________ 5. All judges are lawyers are true. So, it is (a) ____________ to say that no non-lawyer is a judge.(b) ______________ 6.Some politicians are not members of political clans are true. So, some non-members of political clans are not non-politicians is (a) _____________.(b) ______________ 7. Not all doctors are surgeons are true. To say that every doctor is a surgeon is (a)______________. (b)______________ 8. It is (a) ______________ that some dishonest students are cheaters based on the fact that all cheaters are not honest students.(b) ______________ 9.While it is false that all mammals are not warm-blooded animals, it is (a) _____________ to say that some mammals are not warm-blooded animals.(b) ______________ 10.It is true that some folks are open-minded individuals. So it is (a) ________________ that all folks are not open-minded individuals.(b) ______________ 11.It is necessary for...
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