Ophelia Essay

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Throughout his report, Friedman uses a slightly upbeat tone to start his prompt. In doing this he is leading his audience to be in favor of his argument, by seeming more relatable and personable. By stating “I got an ovation the other day from a roomful of Indian 20 year olds just for reading perfectly the following paragraph…” sets the stage for his comical tone, by showing the irony of how a simple reading of a paragraph could get a complete standing ovation. As well as the quote “What am I saying here? That it’s more important for young Indians to have jobs than Americans? Never.” portraying the author’s sarcasm which could be viewed as humorous. By conveying his tone in a witty way, the author is able to build a sort of friendship with the audience, making his argument seem more attractive in the audience’s eyes. Along with a good balance of tone, Friedman is able to divulge his debate through his use of diction. His persuasive and detailed words give the reader an impression that the author really knows what he is talking about. The phrases “authentic rendition” and “rousing applause” used in a paragraph that is meant to explain his time in the accent neutralization class, help paint a scene as to what Friedman was feeling and seeing at the time, allowing the reader to understand his point of view. As well as the phrase “There is nothing more positive than the self-confidence, dignity, and optimism that comes forom a society knowing it is producing wealth by tapping its own brains.” Lastly through Friedman’s use of specific literary tools, he is able to show not only his side of the argument, but he is also able to convey it in a persuasive way. His use of repetition in the phrase “no hope, no jobs, and no dignity” create and emotional view from the author, to the reader, creating a strong understanding of the problem at hand.
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