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  • Published : July 28, 2012
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Chapter 14 Questions|
3.       Many companies take customer orders via Web sites. Put yourself in the place of the person at Ford Motor Company considering this approach to taking customer orders for the Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle.| What information would you need to collect from the customer?| I would collect information on the exact specifications of the Ford Explorer such as Model Year, engine capacity, interior finishing, power windows, power steering, and any luxury features. I would also collect data on how soon they expect the delivery of the vehicle, whether they plan to finance or pay in full.| What information would you give the customer regarding the order?| I would provide the customer additional information about options that may be available besides what the customer requested to help them make more informed choices about the available features. I would also let them know what their financing options are, and when they can expect delivery of the vehicle, as well as warranty information and other service plans that might be available with the purchase.| How would the information be used within Ford Motor Company?| Within Ford Motor Company, once the order is placed, I would expect the different departments to have access to that information. Marketing, Accounting, Operations, Finance, and Human Resources should all have access to this information in order to plan their activities and do what they need to do to ensure the vehicle inventory is updated, costs are documented, workers are scheduled, and customer is provided with financing options.| What major problems would you anticipate need solving prior to implementing the system? | I would think that processes would have to be aligned to facilitate the use of an ERP software program if they plan to adopt one. ERP software programs such as SAP are not always aligned with the way a company operates, but are rather designed according to industry best practices.|...
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