Operating Systems Implementations

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Operating Systems
Spring 2012 Lab-Assignment2 Deadline: Tuesday 13th March, 2012 12:00 PM GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:     Programming can be done in either C or C++. Submissions should include the annotated source code. Programs that will not be executed will get a low grade. Make sure your programs do not crash when given bad input, but instead provide warning messages Copy cases will get NEGATIVE MARKS

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS  The compressed files (either rar or zip) are required to be submitted using SLATE in a timely manner.   Submission Folder name should be Roll No_Sec e.g. 11i-1111_A Marks will be deducted in case of late submissions.

Q.1 Write a program that uses fork () to create one child process named CHILD. Using pipe(), establish a pipe between parent and child. Using dup2(), attach file descriptors for Standard input and Standard output to the pipe. Parent takes data from the keyboard and adds a suffix "-PARENT-PROCESSED" to the data. Then parent passes the stamped data to child through pipe. Child marks "-CHILD-PROCESSED" at the end of string and prints the processed data on Standard output. Above processes will be terminated with the input of EXIT. [10]

Q.2 Write a program that computes the square roots of the integers from 0 to 99 in a separate thread and returns an array of doubles containing the results. In the meantime the main thread should display a short message to the user and then display the results of the computation when they are ready. [5]

Q.3 Write a program that counts the Ctrl+C Signals hit by the user using standard input. When counter reaches to 5, the program shall ask user whether he/she really wants to exit, if user selects “yes”, program should be terminated. Otherwise it should reset the counter. Moreover, if user presses key combination of Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+\ then respective signal number should be displayed. Make sure not to entertain any...
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