Operating Policies

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Company policies and procedures present guidelines to employees and management. Whenever questions arise concerning conduct or operations, policy is in place to direct behaviors and solve ethical questions. Well-written company procedures will aid a human resources department in its daily tasks; understanding policies and knowing where to go for help or additional information is key to employee compliance.


Company policies outline acceptable behaviors and employee expectations, while procedures describe and define process flows and company objectives. Both policies and procedures, however, should be crafted within the scope of the organization's goals; policy and procedure manuals are therefore written with the ultimate goal of helping employees to aid the company's overall mission. Human resources executives can work with managers of other departments to craft policies and procedures that will ultimately strengthen the company. Significance

By detailing what is expected of employees, company policies provide a framework through which employees can excel. By contrast, the policy handbook also outlines steps that will be taken if an employee breaks company rules. This affords the company a legal protection; when employees sign off on company policy manuals, they are acknowledging accepted behavior standards and that their continued employment is contingent on following rules of conduct.

Likewise, company procedures entail job descriptions, plus employee activities and goals. If you are writing a procedures manual, it is helpful to think about what the company wants employees to do, as well as how and when to do it.

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Company policies and procedures are not something to be kept on a dusty shelf. In fact, policy and procedure...
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