Online Communication, Different from Face-to-Face Communication

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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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·In your own words, explain how online communication is different from face-to-face communication, and identify which you prefer. ·Explain why having a Netiquette policy in an online learning environment is important. ·Review the scenario assigned to you by the first letter of your last name and explain how the example violated Ashford’s Netiquette rules. ·List two pieces of advice you would give the person in your scenario so that they are not violating Netiquette rules. ·Respond to at least two of your classmates' discussion posts. Use the "guided peer response" to assist you with your reply.

In diffrent situations I would have different prefrances upon communcating vei Face to face or Online. In a soscial since I would opt to communcate vie face to face. On the other hand Communcating vi Online is aproprate for bisiness.

I belivie that having the Netiquette policy in an online learning environment is important Because when people are trying to learn they do not need rude people, also the environment should stay profesonal at all times.

Scenario Five (Last Name S - U).
Carlos M. asked for help on a math problem in the “Ask Your Instructor” forum. The instructor replied, and this was Carlos’ follow-up response: I’m sorry, but that answer doesn’t make any sense AT ALL. Why is it SO difficult to understand stuff in this class and get a clear answer? This is a load of crap.

I am going to list the Ashford’s Netiquette rules that Carlos Violated. 1. Shouting
5.Inflammatory Behavior

The advice I can give to Carlos Is to review Ashford’s Netiquette rules to be more aware of how to go forth with replying to post. Also, he needs to have a bit of respect for somone that is there to help you.
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