One Should Be Har Working or Smart Working

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There is a common misconception in the world, especially amongst younger people, that you have to work hard and pay your dues, even if it means being miserable. For some reason people seem to think that they have to be miserable for the first few years of their work life in order to get to where they want to be; either professionally or personally. There is a fine line between working hard and working smart. MEANING OF HARD WORK:

Hard work involves commitment, involvement and sincerity. Working hard also means working honestly. There is a saying given by Samuel Goldwyn “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” MEANING OF SMART WORK:

Working smart is working with a goal in mind, a goal that is meaningful to you. It also means knowing what points are of high priority and what you can be flexible on, so you can focus on what's important. Smart work also refers to being creative and looking or other ways to get work done faster. ADVANATGES OF HARD WORK:

A hard worker’s reputation is based on years of hard work. He is trusted to be professional and competent. A hard worker is happy to solve difficult problems he encountered in course of his work. Hard workers, usually are on their table trouble shooting the problems. They work for their own satisfaction rather than being worrying about creating impression on bosses. There is a “no pain, no gain.” So, one can’t achieve great success without working hard. SHORTCOMINGS of Hardworking:

A hard worker who works too hard makes himself invisible and non-promotable. For a great career or business success, meeting people and networking is an essential task. A hard working person however will put his more time on the desk and lesser into meeting with others. A hard worker due to his lack of people skills will often be a failure at managing projects and people. He will take upon him everything that he feels others cannot do. He might suffer...
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