One Marks in Botany for 12th Tn Board

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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1. Botanical survey of India is located in

a) Kolkata b) Coimbatore c) Chennai d) Allahabad

2. The member of this family have mucilagenous substance

a) Musacae b) Euphorbiaceae c) Malvaceae d) Solanaceae

3. The pink flowered ornamental plant in solanaceae is

a) Withania somnifera c) solanum trilobatum b) Petunia hybrida d) cestrum diurnum

4. The inflorescence seen in Acalypha indica is

a) captitulum b) catkin c) cymose d) racemose

5. Musaceae is placed under this series

a) monocotyledon b) unisexuales c) coronariae d) epigynae

6. The inflorescence of ravehala is

a) compound cyme b) compound raceme c) branched spadix d) simple raceme

7. Pith of plant is made up of

a) sclerenchyma b) collenchyma c) chlorenchyma d) parenchyma

8. Amphicribal concentric vascular bundles are found in

a) polypodium b) ipomen c) acorus d) gymnosperm

9. Chromosomal puff is seen in

a) polytene b) lamp brush c) supernumerary d) double minutes

10. Noble prized scientist for one gene one enzyme hopothesis are

a) Charles Darwin b) Hugoderies c) Beadle and datum d) Watson and crick

11. ------- is the first man made cereal

a) triticum b) secale c) triticale d) datura

12. Agrobacterium tumefaciens cause this disease in brinjal and tomato...
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