One Life for Another

Topics: Gun Control, The Little Girl, Little Girls Pages: 5 (1862 words) Published: January 27, 2013
One Life for Another
Click, click, click. Seconds turned into minutes, as minutes became hours. A bead of sweat formed on his zit-covered oily skin and slowly inched down towards his chin, despite the chilled temperature of the room in which he sat. His thoughts followed the disorientated pattern of the flickering office tube lights above him, scattering as an old light burnt out. Now with uneven lighting, the room was still. It didn’t help that the room was completely sound proof, destroying Marcus’s hope of finding a distraction to ease his broken state of mind. He gazed upon the white paneled office ceiling and noticed the brown stains that disrupted the ceiling’s symmetry. For a second Marcus questioned how they could have arrived there, but the thought passed with a flinch. The thick office door slowly creaked open, disturbing the once silent room. In rolled a small, colourful, gumdrop sized ball which came to a rest at Marcus’s ratty, worn down shoes that eagerly twitch up and down. Before Marcus could process the situation, the heavy, metal office door slammed shut with much more force that was used to open it. Marcus, now puzzled and disoriented from the twist of events, suddenly felt an icy chill shoot up his spine, putting pressure on the back of his neck. Horror struck his face when Marcus realized that his has happened before. Instinctively, his deep blue eyes darted down at the little ball of colours. Before his very eyes, the ball grew exponentially. The ball could now fit hundreds of balls the original size in it, if it weren’t solid. Before Marcus could think, the ball grew a second time, making a loud explosion type sound, followed by distant yelling of a creature that he could not make out. For a third time the ball grew, but occupying the majority of the office space. Now close to fifteen feet in diameter, Marcus knew he would be surely in grave danger if the ball grew a fourth and final time. The sound increased as the size did, and now he could identify the noise. They were screams, screams from a very young girl. BOOM! Marcus coughed up blood as he let out a cry that was diminished by the screams of the horrified little girl. His ribcage was the only thing between the vast sphere and the wall behind him. Pinned, Marcus felt enormous pressure on his two front ribs, until CRACK, followed immediately by another. The two ribs shattered like soda crackers in a child’s mouth. With the screams of the little girl echoing in his head till he was deafened, Marcus’s vision faded to nothing but the black evil that surrounded him. “AHHHHHHH!” pierced the voice again as Marcus nearly jumped out of his bed sheets. In his state of fatigue, Marcus questioned if he had made the scream or not. Reassuring himself that he did not sound like a little girl, he determined that it only person to suit the voice was Julie, Marcus’s’ nine year old sister. “Julie! Julie?!” yelled Marcus as he ran down the hall of his house. There was no reply made, nothing but the howling of the wind that pushed against the side of the burgundy bricked house. He bolted into his sister’s room, nearly removing the wooden door from its hinges. His eyes darted to every corner of Julie’s room, desperate to wield a result. He raced downstairs and barged into every room, finding nothing. “Julie! Julie where are you?!” Marcus helplessly cried once more, gelling no reply. Defeated, he sobbed as he dragged himself back into his sister’s room and collapsed on her bed, pink and red with flowers. He felt his throat seize up as if he was attempting to swallow a large object. The first tear rolled down his reddened face, accompanied with him moping about the events. Relaxation was a quest too bold for Marcus, so he decided to scream at the climax of his abilities to do so. Tears now a stream, he yelled and cursed his luck. “Why?! What did I do- Julie do to deserve this?!” he screamed at the ceiling. Marcus felt something crinkle against his arm on the...
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