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http://nclexreviewers.com/nclex-review/oncology/nclex-review-oncology-questions-part-1.html 1.    A male client has an abnormal result on a Papanicolaou test. After admitting, he read his chart while the nurse was out of the room, the client asks what dysplasia means. Which definition should the nurse provide? a.    Presence of completely undifferentiated tumor cells that don’t resemble cells of the tissues of their origin b.    Increase in the number of normal cells in a normal arrangement in a tissue or an organ c.    Replacement of one type of fully differentiated cell by another in tissues where the second type normally isn’t found d.    Alteration in the size, shape, and organization of differentiated cells 2.    For a female client with newly diagnosed cancer, the nurse formulates a nursing diagnosis of Anxiety related to the threat of death secondary to cancer diagnosis. Which expected outcome would be appropriate for this client? a.    “Client verbalizes feelings of anxiety.”

b.    “Client doesn’t guess at prognosis.”
c.    “Client uses any effective method to reduce tension.” d.    “Client stops seeking information.”
3.    A male client with a cerebellar brain tumor is admitted to an acute care facility. The nurse formulates a nursing diagnosis of Risk for injury. Which “related-to” phrase should the nurse add to complete the nursing diagnosis statement? a.    Related to visual field deficits

b.    Related to difficulty swallowing
c.    Related to impaired balance
d.    Related to psychomotor seizures
4.    A female client with cancer is scheduled for radiation therapy. The nurse knows that radiation at any treatment site may cause a certain adverse effect. Therefore, the nurse should prepare the client to expect: a.    hair loss.

b.    stomatitis.
c.    fatigue.
d.    vomiting.
5.    Nurse April is teaching a client who suspects that she has a lump in her breast. The nurse instructs the client that a diagnosis of breast cancer is confirmed by: a.    breast self-examination.

b.    mammography.
c.    fine needle aspiration.
d.    chest X-ray.
6.    A male client undergoes a laryngectomy to treat laryngeal cancer. When teaching the client how to care for the neck stoma, the nurse should include which instruction? a.    “Keep the stoma uncovered.”

b.    “Keep the stoma dry.”
c.    “Have a family member perform stoma care initially until you get used to the procedure.” d.    “Keep the stoma moist.”
7.    A female client is receiving chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. Which assessment finding indicates a fluid and electrolyte imbalance induced by chemotherapy? a.    Urine output of 400 ml in 8 hours

b.    Serum potassium level of 3.6 mEq/L
c.    Blood pressure of 120/64 to 130/72 mm Hg
d.    Dry oral mucous membranes and cracked lips
8.    Nurse April is teaching a group of women to perform breast self-examination. The nurse should explain that the purpose of performing the examination is to discover: a.    cancerous lumps.
b.    areas of thickness or fullness.
c.    changes from previous self-examinations.
d.    fibrocystic masses.
9.    A client, age 41, visits the gynecologist. After examining her, the physician suspects cervical cancer. The nurse reviews the client’s history for risk factors for this disease. Which history finding is a risk factor for cervical cancer? a.    Onset of sporadic sexual activity at age 17

b.    Spontaneous abortion at age 19
c.    Pregnancy complicated with eclampsia at age 27
d.    Human papillomavirus infection at age 32
10.    A female client is receiving methotrexate (Mexate), 12 g/m2 I.V., to treat osteogenic carcinoma. During methotrexate therapy, the nurse expects the client to receive which other drug to protect normal cells? a.    probenecid (Benemid)

b.    cytarabine (ara-C, cytosine arabinoside [Cytosar-U]) c.    thioguanine (6-thioguanine, 6-TG)
d.    leucovorin (citrovorum factor or folinic acid [Wellcovorin]) 11.    The nurse is...
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