Once Were Peripheral: Creating Media Capacity in East Asia

Topics: East Asia, Japan, South Korea Pages: 6 (1363 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Once were peripheral: Creating media capacity in East Asia

This paper is about critical mass in media industries with emphasis on onemerging production centers rather than ‘structures of dominance’ emanating from North Atlantic corridors of power (US, Europe)

-Media businesses move outwards and into East Asia , cultural export strategies of countries without the advantage of English language

1st section
Limitation within political economy, cultural geography and cultural studies approaches as they apply to Asian media development

2nd section
5 framework of internationalization that suggest a more balanced appraisal of challenges confronting mid-size markets seeking to target international content markets 3rd section
How these models might apply to the people’s republic of china. The success of its East Asian neighbors, particularly South Korea, is the catalyst for a reassessment of policies to stimulate innovative activity in media production centers and in doing so reach out to the world with more than just propaganda.

1st section (RRL)
Rethinking the Binaries
NICL (Newly international division of cultural labor) suggest that peripheral location compete by cutting prices (offshore production) they critique of Hollywood’s ‘commodity chains ‘: co-production distribution, marketing, copyright laws and exhibitions strategies

Dan Schiller’s ‘Digital capitalism’ Domination of global peripheries by transnational media conglomerates is inevitable

The pressing theoretical issues is how media and communication studies ought to connect with non-Western context Curran and Park’s ‘de-westernizing media studies’ study recycles conventional media studies explanation with an emphases on control( china, Taiwan authoritarian neo liberal, Malaysia excessively governmentalized etc) Much contemporary eastern/asian media studies either a mirror or obverse image of its western counterparts. * A sense of cultural purification is evident in many calls to dewesternize*

Emi and Chua study present ‘Our Asian media studies, to speak asian voices’ The collection focuses on the intersection of media and power, and references to asia finally coming ‘in the the map’ of gloabal media studies. Jacka and Stuart Cunningham looked at how ‘peripheral centers’ had created a presence and reputation in world content markets, albeit mostly t through analoge and narrative formats (movies telenovellas tv dramas) targeted at Diaspora communities and geolinguistic regions

Straubhaar and Sinclair argue that television flows were about selling finished programs into cultural proximate markets.

Outward looking television networks from within peripheries utilized emerging connection with displaced audiences (Diaspora) yearning for homeland content.

The term ‘peripheral’ is less relevant in asia nowadays for a variety of reasons: these include the vibrancy and range of satellite and cable television markets; growth in the international co-production activity; the intensification of transnational mergers and acquisitions; the exchange os genres and formats between Western markets and Asia, and finally the growth in media consumptions by affluent Asian middle classes.

Curtin Michael notes that contemporary television is transcending national frontiers. Argues that local business networks are the key drivers of growth. Geography plays a major role in challenging structures of dominance and reframing the logiuc of emergence: Asianess is colonizing international communication markets in three fronts 1. Techonology

2. Content (manga, anime, tv formats)
3. Cross-over of directors and actors from Asia to Hollywood(Jakie Chan)

2nd section
Changes in the global economy
1. Isomorphism
Isomorphism (coercive, mimetic and normative)
Coercive isomorphism – relates to pressures to conform, particularly from policy directive(authoritarian state of production) Mimetic – implies ‘follow the...
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