On-the-Job Training Guidelines

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The major practice or practicum option gives the student opportunity to observe a farm, plant or laboratory, or other establishments, which will provide additional practical experience. The student is exposed to actual conditions, which are not normally encountered in the usual courses being offered by the university.

The student normally registers the major practice during summer (5 units), since this activity needs continuous attention. The remaining 1 unit is registered for Major Practice during the succeeding semester for completion. Thus, it is credited for 6 units. In some instances, a student may enroll the major Practice or Practicum during the semester, provided that sufficient time is allotted for this purpose. The adviser is responsible in determining the appropriateness of the semestral enrollment.

I. Preparation of the Major or Practicum Outline

The following items must be included in the preparation of a major practice or practicum outline: 1. Cover Form. This form lists the course number, degree program, title of major practice or practicum, name of students, signature of adviser, unit head, college secretary, and probable date of graduation. 2. Title of Major Practice or Practicum. The title should include the place of major practice and date when it will be conducted. 3. Name of Student

4. Introduction. This will include the rationale/importance of the practicum. 5. Objectives
6. Expected Output
7. Review of Related Literature
8. Description and Schedule of Activities. This will include the time and place of practicum as well as the specific activities to be performed in various units of the farm, or place of the practicum. 9. Literature cited.

The adviser should require the major practice student to present the proposed practicum outline for checking his/her understanding and knowledge of the work activities and schedule before...
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