Omis 5210 Quiz 1

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Operations Management Practice Quiz 1 (LL)

Process Analysis and Quality

Please circle the most appropriate response. There is only one right answer. It should take you no more than a minute to answer one of these questions if you know your stuff.

1) When improving the throughput of a process we focus on:

a) increasing the capacity of the lowest capacity task
b) increasing the capacity of all tasks in the process
c) increasing the cycle time of each task
d) restructuring sequence of tasks
e) both a) and b)
f) all of the above

2) In the article “Eight Dimensions of Quality”, conformance to customer requirements is a generic definition of quality. To control quality the management of a process must:

a) over time, eliminate all deviations from the target standard
b) continuously improve the requirements
c) allow only deviations from requirements in a statistically defined range
d) inspect all products resulting form the process to see if they meet the requirement
e) none of the above
f) both a) and d)

3) In the article “Eight Dimensions of Quality”, strategic errors are made with regards to quality when organizations:

a) use measures of quality that don’t matter to customers
b) use badly designed market research
c) use old quality measures that don’t apply to the market requirements
d) they don’t collect data from processes to track quality
e) all of the above

4) Abnormal versus normal variability when comparing actual to expected process performance means:

a) events have occurred that deviate from the average expected outcome
b) events have occurred that are unacceptable to the customer requirements
c) events have occurred inside the acceptable limits of variability
of the process
d) events that are unexpected compared to what would be expected with
due to the normal variance of the process
e) none of the above
f) both c) and d)

5) Which is the recommended way to reduce variability in processes:

a) simplify product designs
b) standardize the product and its components
c) mistake proof the product
d) tell people to be more careful
e) both c) and d)
f) items a), b) and c)

6) Process capability is important because it:

a) is the range of performance variation that a customer is willing to accept
b) tells manufacturers when customers will reject their products
c) is the ability of the process to meet customer specifications
d) it determines whether the process is capable of achieving Six sigma.
e) none of the above

7) Managing variability in processes requires process control to make sure actual performance conform to plan. This is called the feedback control principle. This involves

a) collecting information about a critical performance measure over time
b) make sure that people follow the work plan
c) taking corrective action based on the observed performance to steer and
maintain it at some desired level
d) punishing people for inappropriate behaviors
e) none of the above
f) both a) and c)

8) The four stages of the Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) cycle in quality management involves:

a) using the House of Quality in the Plan stage to design better products
b) monitoring processing performance when quality problems are detected
c) continuously doing all four stages to improve processes over time
d) checking for quality defects in poorly managed processes
e) None of the above

9) Quality can be realistically defined and measured as:

a) the amount of use one gets from a product before it deteriorates
b) how long before a product breaks
c) how fashionable a product may be in the market place
d) a function of the price people will pay for a product
e) both a) and b)
f) both b) and d)

10) In Statistical Quality Control (SQC) if a part for a car is found to be within the control...
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