Olive Farm Swot Analysis

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Strengths of Oakhurst Olive Farm

Strength is one of the four components considered when formulating a SWOT analysis. Strengths are classified as internal factors as they affect the company directly. The strengths of Oakhurst farm are as follows: A great reputation in the market as well as in the industry, a great research and management team, the farm’s own nursery, efficient distribution and unique selling points, great location and geographical terrain, a beneficial skills development centre, and the advantage of production during Europe’s off season.

Oakhurst’s good reputation, both nationally and internationally, will benefit them greatly when it comes to the selling of their extra virgin olive oil and Kalamata olives. The farm has taken part in several competitions, namely the Annual Marco Zichella-Oliomio competition and the Armonia competition. The Marco Zichella-Oliomio competition was held in Stellenbosch and numerous olive farms participated nationwide. In the competition, Oakhurst was awarded first place for its olives and olive oil. The Armonia competition took place in Australia where South Africa, Australia and New Zealand competed against one another. In total, 97 different farms entered their olive oil and Oakhurst farm was presented with a top ten position. The international and nation awards received have helped create a bigger and stronger demand for Oakhurst’s olives and olive oil, and has made marketing easier.

Oakhurst farm also pride themselves on only producing the finest quality olive oil and Kalamata olives, which are well priced compared to other olive farms. The olives are hand picked ensuring only the top quality fruit is used for processing. Oakhurst also ensures that they distribute efficiently, supplying their olives and olive oil nation wide to countless deli stores and Spars from the Gauteng region down to the Western Cape. The farm also makes use of unique selling points by making their products available at numerous farm and food markets as well many different restaurants.

Oakhurst farm’s exceptional relationships between the employees, research team and management are another strength of the business’. The respect all employees show towards one another and the business is evident, and has been proven to increase production levels as they enjoy their line of work, therefore working harder. The farm also has a skills development and trainee centre to support new employees or trainees and assist them with learning how the company is run and the part that they play. The skills development and trainee centre is targeted largely towards to unprivileged community of Tulbagh, as an effort to decrease unemployment in the area. The farm also has an exception research team that works together with the South African Olive Research Council to be on the forefront of new developments for processing methods and olive cultivars. The research team, accompanied by the manager, spends a considerable amount of time in Italy and Spain, as well as various countries in South America such as Argentina Chile and Brazil. There they consult the leading Olive professors from various universities on the most up to date developments. The most recent trip to Argentina resulted in Oakhurst adopting a new method of production.

The geographical location and terrain of Tulbagh is ideal for the farming of olives. The valley is made up of granite sandstone derived soil that contributes to the unique character of Oakhurst’s olive oil. The Western Cape’s typically Mediterranean climate is the ultimate key to growing olive trees. The warm and dry summer conditions and the winter rains are ideal for farming olives and aiding in ripening the fruit. Harvesting season in South Africa is also the opposite of Europe’s and the United States’, allowing Oakhurst and other olive farms in the southern hemisphere to export their goods when Europe and the USA are possibly running low on supply. Oakhurst farm also have...
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