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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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This is carefully written ailed report and documentation of activities and accomplishments during the 486-hour immersion in the industry. It extensively discusses the link of IT education of the student and the future work or assignments he/she shall assume upon earning the degree. The student, when writing this report, must strive to do additional research to prove that the learning objectives of the subject were achieved. It should also emphasize the specific IT tools, applications and designs used as well as the improvements done in the work assigned and must be expressed in measurable terms. As such, the minimum requirements for the report are the following:

a. Font size is 12 using New Times Roman
b. Spacing of sentences is 2
c. Margins is 1.0 inch on all sides aside on the left which is 1.5 inches d. Short white bond paper
e. Blue clear book - long


At least two pages write-up discussing how the experiences affected you as an IT student. This is a very personal account of the impact of the organization, people, clients and other entities in your personal outlook of life, how you value things and how you discern and make decisions assuming you are already practicing your career in an industry environment.


This is a compilation of many documents, reports, handouts, etc. which you have accumulated during your industry immersion. It should contain information about the company you were engaged including the company profile, nature of business, its products or services, particular office assigned to, etc. it includes brochures, pictures, receipts, time cards, attendance sheets, pictures of work area, maps, etc. Any item or document that will impress the adviser about your total engagement in many activities and with various people can also be included. Also, include the following in the...
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