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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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* An investigation into the selection process used by the Human Resource Department at Digicel Group of Company’s when recruiting new employees.

Aims of the Project

The research will focus on the following objectives.

1. What are the steps that are taken when the Human Resource Department is recruiting potential workers?

2. Identify the duties and attributes of a clerk in the Human Resource management office.

Functions of the Human Resource Department

* Training and Development

* Dismissal and Redundancy


Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Monique Hunter I am a student of Better Grades Tutoring Services. As a requirement for the completion of my Office Administration School Based Assignment, I am required to conduct a research into an organization. Permission is being bought to conduct such a research in the Human Resource Department. The research will involve the investigation into the selection process used by the Human Resource Department at Digicel Group of Company when recruiting new employees. Should my request be favorable I am available to conduct the research Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 11am, if there is need for additional information some can be provided. Sincerely

Monique Hunter


Digicel launched in Jamaica in April 2001, the company has become one of the fastest growing mobile telecommunications operators in the Caribbean. Digicel is today known for its strong commitment to providing its customers with the best value, the best service and the best network across Jamaica and the Caribbean. Today, Digicel business serves over 70% of corporate Jamaica, offering a wide variety of products and services ranging from voice, Data, Roaming, Closed User Group Services and Blackberry Solutions. I chose Digicel Group of Company for my School Based Assignment (S.B.A). I had to use one of the following procedures...
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