Oedipus the King Reaction Paper

Topics: Narrator, Interpersonal relationship, Franz Kafka Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: April 14, 2013

Oedipus the King

Greek tragedy is still relevant today because humanity never changes much over the centuries. While we may advance our machinery and technology, we have evolved very little. We are human beings and mankind is known to get himself into trouble when he becomes obsessed with something. Oedipus is no different from Tiger Woods in that he allows himself to be governed by desires. He has the power to get what he wants and never stops to think about what happens when the truth becomes known. It does not take much power for man to feel invincible and, generally, when these types of people fall, they fall to the ground hard. Oedipus could have lived a satisfying, rewarding life had he not allowed himself to becomes obsessed and believing himself to be untouchable by laws of the universe

Franz Kafka's Judgment

this short story of Franz Kafka is really a challenging one to interpret but apparently there are some contextual clues that enable us to draw some logical conclusions out of the story. Firstly, we should handle this story in terms of human relationships; there are 3 kind of relationships represented in the story. The first is the relationship between George (the main character of the story) and his friend in Russia; the second is George's relationship with his fiancée and the third is his relationship with his father. Each exposition of these relationships contradicts with the persons involved in. That is, while George is devoted to writing to a friend whom he hasn't seen for 3 years, he doesn't write about important events. George tracks himself as a lonely character throughout the story so he may be trying to share his loneliness with a friend, but he has his fiancée near him as well. However, we aren't informed enough about how close their relationship is in that they are engaged only for a month. Then, we witness an extraordinary relationship of a father and a son. George and his father are like...
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