Nvq 3 Supported Teaching and Learning Unit 301

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301 2.5
I had an incident with another member of staff. I had been working as a TA with a year 8 class, the RE teacher i was working with used to have a laugh and joke with them and would then abruptly tell them " right stop now we need to get on with our work". They were a lower set class with many statemented pupils, who got confused and upset as to why they could laugh and joke about but then get told off, they couldnt instantly switch to work mode. I approached the teacher before their next lesson and explained how the children took time to process instructions and that if they were laughing and joking about it would take afew minutes to calm down and get focused on what was required next. The teacher glared at me and then very sharply told me not to tell her how to do her job. I was mortified .I explained i was just trying to point out how they reacted and felt when she shouted at them for not instantly stopping and getting on with the next task. I apologised if she felt i had offended her. At the end of the lesson, she came over and said she was sorry for over reacting, and now realised i worked with them more than she did, and actually had a point, and she would allow time for them to settle. I feel that by me not getting into a confrontation with her made a lot of difference, and we was able to sort the problem out sensibly. I was working with some pupils in a year 8 class, I had asked a pupil to stop distracting others and he told me “to sort it out” I told him to go outside the classroom for being rude to me. I went outside to speak to him and he was acting in a rude aggressive manner, I told him it was in appropriate to behave in such away, both in class and to a member of staff. He apologised for behaving in such a way and went back to class.

301 3.1.3 305.5.1 301 3.2

Disclosure of Data
The following attempts to illustrate when data can be disclosed. This list is not exhaustive. 8.1 Staff who need to know
Data will be disclosed to members of staff who need to know it in order to carry out their normal duties. However, only that data required will be disclosed. 8.2 Purposes specified
Data will only be disclosed for use within the purposes originally specified when it was collected. Any other use amounts to unlawful processing. For example, if information is collected in order to pay school uniform grants in 2002 the school will not be allowed to use that information as a mailing list for a library service. 8.3 Specific agreement of data subject

Disclosures to the Police are not compulsory except in cases where the school is served with a Court Order requiring information. Requests from the police for access to information must be made in writing. In cases where the school has not been served with a Court Order but receives a request, consideration must be given to the implications of disclosure before any action is taken. The school may be required to provide explanation for any disclosure of the data subject’s personal information at a later date and must be able to provide justifiable reasons for doing so e.g. where the school believes that failure to release the information would prejudice an investigation.

The Headteacher is responsible for:
• Ensuring that the Data Protection policy is implemented in the schools procedures and practices. • Ensuring that the procedure is brought to the attention of all employees and that all staff receive appropriate training. • Compliance with the procedure at a practical level through action in recruitment and selection, training and development and general management. • Encouraging good practice by all staff and dealing appropriately with breaches of the Act.

The Eight Data Protection Act Principles

The act contains eight “Data Protection Principles”. These specify that personal data must be:

1. Processed fairly and lawfully.

2. Obtained for specified and lawful purposes.

3. Adequate, relevant and not...
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