Nutrition Chapter 3-4 Study Guide

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Nutrition Study Guide, Chapters 3-4

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__E__1.How would you respond to someone who states that white bread is just as nutritious as whole-wheat bread? a.| White bread is just as nutritious because it has been enriched with iron, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, and folate.| b.| Whole-wheat bread is preferable because it is likely to contain several nutrients not added to white bread.| c.| Whole-wheat bread is higher in fiber content than white bread.| d.| a and b|

e.| b and c|

__B__2.The bones provide reserves of:
a.| vitamins.|
b.| calcium.|
c.| glycogen.|
d.| a and b|
e.| b and c|

__D__3.The liver converts excess energy-containing nutrients into: a.| glycogen.|
b.| protein.|
c.| fat.|
d.| a and b|
e.| a and c|

__E__4.Which of the following deliver(s) one-half ounce of ethanol? a.| 5 ounces of wine|
b.| 2 ounces hard liquor|
c.| 12 ounces beer|
d.| a and b|
e.| a and c|

__C__5.Which of the following is not a major source of soluble fiber? a.| fruits| c.| brown rice|
b.| legumes| d.| Vegetables|

__D__6.Which of the following is characteristic of type 1 diabetes? a.| the person's immune system attacks the cells of the pancreas| b.| the pancreas no longer produces insulin|
c.| the person is usually overweight|
d.| a and b|
e.| |

__D__7.Research has shown the following relationship between carbohydrate in the diet and body weight: a.| as people in other countries adopt "Western" style diets, they lose weight.| b.| low-carbohydrate weight-loss diets result in a greater long-term weight loss.| c.| people with higher carbohydrate intakes have higher body weights.| d.| whole-food diets containing fiber favor a healthy body weight.|

_D___8.If you are asked for advice on whether diets high in fiber can reduce colon cancer risk, what would you reply? a.| fiber does not play any role in the health of the colon so it is not necessary to eat large amounts in the diet| b.| there is strong scientific evidence that high-fiber diets reduce colon cancer, so it should definitely be included in everyone's diet| c.| you cannot eat enough fiber to receive the benefit, so you need to also include fiber supplements| d.| a possible role of fiber in the colon is to provide butyrate as energy to keep the colon cells healthy and resistant to chemical damage causing cell changes|

_C___9.Which of the following is the most-used monosaccharide inside the body? a.| galactose| c.| Glucose|
b.| fructose| d.| Lactose|

__C__10.When comparing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in foods, the conversion to glucose will vary because: a.| starch is completely digested in the mouth by the enzymes in the saliva.| b.| sucrose is absorbed into the blood and transported to the liver be converted to glucose.| c.| disaccharides are easily split into monosaccharides in the intestine and absorbed.| d.| all starch is very easily digested.|

___B_11.Fiber has been recommended in the diet for its possible benefits in reducing heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol. How is fiber thought to play its role in lowering blood cholesterol? a.| soluble fiber binds with cholesterol in the blood and is excreted through the liver| b.| viscous fiber binds with bile in the intestine and is excreted in feces| c.| insoluble fiber binds with cholesterol in the large intestine and is excreted in feces| d.| insoluble fiber converts to bile in the large intestine and binds with cholesterol|

__A__12.The form of starch that is most easily digested in the body is: a.| oatmeal.| c.| cooked beans.|
b.| barley.| d.| white flour.|

___A_13.The condition of inflammation that tissues undergo when they become injured or irritated: a.| may...
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