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Topics: Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholism, Addiction Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The Big Book
AA Meeting
West Coast University
Professor Burton
Megan Corpuz

The name of the organizations is Alcoholics Anonymous and the purpose of the organization is to help alcoholics and substance abusers to stop using by completing a 12-step program into sobriety. In this meeting specifically, we read verses from what they called “The Big Book” which is kind of like their Bible. The book talks about different peoples stories of how they overcame their addiction and became sober. Next, people talked about their experiences during their addiction and how these AA meetings really helped them admit to having an addiction as well as admitting to others, which is one of the many steps to the program.

The AA meeting was located at 13140 6TH ST-BLDG Chino, Ca. The type of clients that attended these meetings was your everyday type of person. There were mothers, fathers, grandparents, sons, daughters and one would never guess that these people have struggled through addiction. Everyone had a different story to tell, everyone had struggles, everybody had relapsed got sober and then relapsed again, and everyone also admitted to being a lot happier when they are sober. Some of the services available at this program are that each one has a sponsor, which is the person who addresses how they are progressing throughout the program. Their sponsor are also their confidant and they try and lead them into the right direction and also provide them with advice in order for them to do so. There are also pamphlets for new comings that don’t really know what AA meetings are about, and there are ones the fit specifically to each person’s needs, gender, status, etc. These pamphlets also provide different professional services such as forums that people can go to online, different support groups, and also hotlines to call if one every feels like relapsing. The meetings were located in a city center where there was a recreational center, a few small shopping marts,...
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