Ntr 450 Case Study

Topics: Nutrition, Carbohydrate, Diabetes mellitus Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Case Study 6.1

1. Did Elizabeth have gestational diabetes

Elizabeth did have gestational diabetes. Two of the four blood glucose levels that she had tested were elevated, which is an indicator of having gestational diabetes. Her one hour after glucose load was 195 mg/dL which is 15mg over that normal glucose level. Secondly her 2 hour after glucose load was 8mg over the normal level putting her at 163mg/dL. As a result of this Elizabeth has an increased risk of preeclampsia so she will be closely monitored (Brown, 2010).

2. Was she insulin resistant?

Yes, she was insulin resistant because as previously stated after she was administered the 100-gram glucose test her blood glucose spiked beyond the acceptable levels. This indicates that the sugar was not being absorbed by the insulin as a result of either lack of insulin or an insulin resistance. As her BMI was only 23.5 her insulin resistance is due to not having enough produced by the pancreas as stated in the book (Brown 2010). This test goes to show that she was in fact insulin resistance and will need to get nutritional therapy in order to help normalize her glucose levels (Brown, 2010).

3. What’s the most likely reason Elizabeth delivered an abnormally large newborn

The most likely reason why Elizabeth gave birth to an abnormally large baby is because the high amounts of insulin in her system lead to increased amounts of glucose uptake by the fetus. This will result in an increased amount of triglycerides from glucose. This increases the likelihood that the fetus will develop diseases like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and obesity later in life (Brown, 2010).

4. What was wrong with the dietary advice Elizabeth was given

The original advice given was the wrong advice because she was instructed to eat no sugar and a low carbohydrate diet, which is not entirely correct, as the primary goal is to have a normalized blood glucose level. One of the...
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