Ntc/360 Exam

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NTC 360 Final Exam

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____F1.The frame’s destination address of a broadcast frame is a value of all binary 0s.

____T2.Class A addresses are intended for use by large corporations and governments.

____F3.1000BaseT, released as the 802.3ab standard in June 1999, supports Gigabit Ethernet over 100-meter segments of balanced Category 5 copper cabling and requires two pairs of wires.

____T4.The signaling rates associated with SONET are the same as those for ATM.

____F5.A hardware firewall is configured with two or more network interfaces typically placed between a corporate LAN and the WAN connection.

____T6.An intrusion detection system (IDS) usually works with a firewall or router with access control lists.

____F7.WEP, the successor to WPA, has enhancements that make it much more difficult to crack the encryption code.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____A8.A(n) ____ is a network of networks or a networked collection of LANs tied together by devices such as routers. a.|internetwork|c.|MAN|

____A9.Computers that participate on a network run a ____ that determines what services that computer can offer or request. a.|NOS|c.|domain|

____B10.In a(n) ____ topology network, computers and other devices attached to the network regenerate signals and are responsible for moving data through the network. a.|passive|c.|physical|

____B11.10BaseT refers to ____.

____C12.Whether STP or UTP, twisted-pair network cabling most commonly uses ____ connectors to plug into computer network interfaces or other networked devices. a.|BNC|c.|RJ-45|

____A13.____ are special RJ-45-terminated TP cables that permit modular cables to stretch between wall plates and equipment. a.|Jack couplers|c.|Patch panels|
b.|Wall plates|d.|Patch cables|

____A14.Domain Name System (DNS) and NetBIOS name resolution both work in part at the ____ layer. a.|Session|c.|Presentation|

____B15.The IEEE standard ____ covers all forms of Ethernet media and interfaces, from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps (10 Gigabit Ethernet). a.|802.2|c.|802.5|

____B16.The IEEE standard ____ sets standards for wireless networking for many different broadcast frequencies and techniques. a.|802.3|c.|802.15|

____C17.An IP address is divided into two distinct parts: one part designates the logical network the computer is a part of, while the remainder of the address represents the ____. a.|NIC’s MAC address|c.|host ID|

b.|domain name|d.|subnet mask|

____D18.Class ____ addresses are reserved for experimental use and cannot be used for address assignment. a.|A|c.|D|

____B19.A subnet mask is a ____-bit number that’s always assigned to a host when the IP address is assigned. a.|16|c.|64|

____B20.The ____ frame type is sometimes called Ethernet raw. a.|Ethernet 802.2|c.|Ethernet SNAP|
b.|Ethernet 802.3|d.|Ethernet II|

____A21.____ allows administrators to control what users can do after they are logged on to the network. a.|Authentication|c.|Logging|
b.|Authorization|d.|Penetration testing|

____C22.On Linux systems, the passwords can be stored in an encrypted format in the ____ file located in the /etc directory. a.|password|c.|shadow|

____A23.Windows OSs ____ permissions are applied to folders (and only folders) shared over the network. a.|sharing|c.|folder|

____D24.Encryption prevents somebody using eavesdropping technology, such as a(n) ____, from capturing packets and using data in the packets for malicious purposes. a.|IDS|c.|rootkit|
b.|VPN|d.|packet sniffer|

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